Remodeling Porches

Remodeling tips for screened in porches and enclosed porch design.

The climate in your region will determine some of the details, but porches that are comfortable all year round have these six features:

1. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct connections to control temperature and humidity.

2. Insulation in the ceiling and in the floor (if the room is on a raised or crawlspace foundation) to help keep the space comfortable and lower energy costs.

3. Electric radiant heat to warm the floor (if the porch is built on a concrete slab). Radiant heat consists of heated wires or water-filled tubes set in the concrete, and it goes a long way in making a room cozy.

4. Dual-glazed windows with ultraviolet light reduction to help keep heating and cooling costs down and protect furnishings and fabrics from fading.

5. Window screens to admit breezes but repel bugs. A screened porch can be used during at least two seasons of the year.

6. Window coverings that can be lowered or raised to control sunlight and allow privacy.

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