Amazing Before-and-After Porch Makeovers

New colors, better wayfinding, updated finishes: These homeowners put together a diverse array of solutions to revamp their home's exteriors, improve curb appeal, and put on a pretty front porch show.

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  • BEFORE: An Underutilized, Underdesigned Entry and Porch

    Pre-renovation, this undersize porch lacked appropriate scale in relation to the rest of the home. Its rickety construction and lack of visual interest served as a detriment to the curb appeal.

  • AFTER: An Expansive Front Porch Retreat

    The newly redone front porch feels like a destination, thanks to key changes. First was an expansion of the seating area and a swap to a screened-in space. Architectural details, including cross-hatching at the base of the screens, also add visual interest. A wide set of stairs does wonders, too, adding a gracious welcome to the space.

  • BEFORE: Outmoded Front Facade

    Nondescript may be the best descriptor of this ranch-style home exterior. The front door offered an unappealing entry, and the collection of windows presented a visually unappealing, ill-proportioned front yard view.

  • AFTER: A Mix of Charming Materials and Patterns

    Instead of trying to hide the garage door, the homeowners took advantage of the renovation to enhance it, making it a central part of the exterior redo. Wood shake shingles offer visual texture, complemented by vertical and horizontal patterning around the doorway. A small sitting area supplies connection with the landscape, now enhanced with columnar evergreens and pretty flowers.

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  • BEFORE: A Tired, Dated Exterior

    Two steps were the only design focal point to this weary-looking facade. There was no connection to the yard and uninteresting details detracted from -- rather than enhanced -- the quaint cottage appeal.

  • AFTER: A Welcome Front Porch

    A brand-new front porch offers a multitude of benefits for these homeowners. The expansive front porch offers a spot for resting and serves as a connection between the house and landscape. A considerate addition adds space but stays respectful of the scale of the original home, as do the restrained but thoughtful details such as the columns and porch railing. A pretty collection of midsize shrubs and perennial flowers softens the flow from drive to house.

  • BEFORE: An Imposing, yet Hidden Facade

    Uninterrupted swaths of siding gave the exterior of this home a cumbersome appearance, and overgrown landscaping contributed to the dark and dreary feel of the front porch. In addition, the front exterior had been stripped of most of its architectural interest.

  • AFTER: A Revamped Cottage with Appeal

    More windows -- some small, some tall -- break up both sections of the new facade. A new fireplace made of interesting stonework directs the eye upward and adds texture and visual interest. A cleaned-up landscape gives the new porch an openness and connection with the rest of the yard, and pretty details -- new shutters, different types of siding -- add charm.

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    BEFORE: A Worn-Out Welcome for a Dated Front Area

    A too-slim front porch offered little in the way of seating space for this overcrowded and fatigued area. Old windows and a dated door, as well as lack of any attractive details on the facade, contributed to the disappointing porch area.

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    AFTER: A New View for a Reclaimed Front Yard

    Although it's only slightly wider than its previous iteration, the new front porch provides a dramatically different view for the home's exterior. Pretty columns add Arts-and-Crafts detailing add welcoming touches, as do stone accents. A slightly curved walkway and picket fence define the front landscape. Additional details reinforce the cottage-like feel, including new windows and color-defining accents on the roofline.

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    BEFORE: A Hidden Entry and Dated Facade

    Tucked away and perpendicular to the street, the entry of this home was lost. Faux shutters and a dated color scheme reinforced the lackluster exterior.

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    AFTER: A Redefined Entry and Updated Facade

    The homeowners kept the brick detailing on the lower portion of the home, but enhanced the upper half with new shake shingles and a complementary neutral tone. Revamped windows updated the home's front face, as did roofline details and a railing on a small porch above the garage. Perhaps the biggest change, though, was the redone front porch and entry. Even though the door retained its same placement, a small sitting area, dramatic columns, and new stairs give the home's entry presence and definition. Pretty landscaping along the drive gives the shady setting added curb appeal.

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