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A Salvage Chic Outdoor Room

Vintage finds create a shabby-chic look on this cozy porch.


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    • Pretty Porch

      A mix of salvaged finds paired with soft floral fabric creates a cozy look on this simply southern porch.

      Get the Look: Re-cover a weathered wicker sofa in layers of old-fashioned floral fabrics in a single color palette, such as pale pinks, blues, greens, and white.

    • Fabulous Finds

      To add to the girly chic look, broken china beautifies a banged-up table. To add to the sweet sitting area a child's chair makes it the perfect place for tea parties.

    • Rustic Accessories

      Reclaimed wood scraps and hardware help create this embellished bird house.

    • Romantic Details

      A small, mosaic picture frame perfectly displays a beloved photo on a sunny porch.

    • Made-to-Look-Old

      Refinish a new table made from home center lumber and treat it to the same distressed antique finish as secondhand ladder-back chairs. Mixing new made-to-look-old pieces with old ones is part of the salvage game.

    • Antique Details

      Mixing painted china and glassware is another way to achieve an eclectic feel. A vintage floral tablecloth and pots of fresh flowers finish the look.

    • Tres Chic

      Repaint a window box, giving it French style and a handcrafted look.

    • Rethink Classics

      To create this look, a castaway crib was converted into a daybed. It is dressed in mini-floral fabrics. A stained-glass window subs for artwork.

    • Faded Femininity

      Soft bedding is topped off with rosebud-embellished, embroidered pillows. Whimsical ruffles and trims are light and elegant.

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      Beautiful Blooms

      A rusty, painted bucket looks fresh when filled with bright, cherry flowers.

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      Trash to Treasure

      Haunt old building sites, garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales for castaway pieces like this shutter. A soft coat of paint and distressed finish gives it a new life.

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      Mosaic Window Box

      Revive a plain window box with a mosaic of broken china, and then fill it with heirloom annuals, such as pinks and periwinkles.

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      Pretty Perch

      Recast a wire basket as a window box. This French basket rests on a chair.

      Get the Look: Line the basket with sheet moss, and then fill it with miniature zinnias, stock, and daisies.

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