Gazebo Ideas

A gazebo creates a backyard destination where you can kick back and relax in style.

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Kit gazebo
Backyard Kit Gazebo

    Made from a kit, this do-it-yourself gazebo features a distinctive double cupola. Furnished with comfortable, cushioned, all-weather wicker furniture, this open-sided structure is the perfect place to read a novel or chat with friends. The exterior is finished with a semitransparent latex stain. Perennial beds surround the structure, adding to the romance of the setting.

Tiered-Roof Gazebo

    Looking as beautiful as a wedding cake, this white-trimmed gazebo features a tiered roof and vented cupola. Lattice screens accent the two steps, and a simple baluster railing leads visitors into the ample seating area. Open vents under each roof help promote air circulation, which keeps the seating area cooler.

Small-Space Gazebo

    Even the smallest yards can incorporate a gazebo for outdoor dining or as a yard focal point. The small footprint of this copper-roofed structure means it can fit just about anywhere. Built-in bench seating provides plenty of places to sit.

Focal-Point Gazebo

    Set in a distant corner of the backyard, this inviting gazebo is the focal point of the yard's landscaping, as well as a respite from a hectic day. The turned support posts and decorative railing spindles match the charming bell-shape roof. Scalloped roof shingles add to the classic style.

Open-Top Gazebo

    A bell-shape roof is this gazebo's most distinctive feature. The lath roof shows how an open, airy roof increases ventilation and creates dramatic patterns of light and shadow. It's the perfect roof for warm, arid climates.

Observatory-Inspired Gazebo

    Reminiscent of an astrological observatory (or an alien spacecraft!), this dome-style gazebo roof combines with gridded columns and roof extensions to create the flavor of a traditional English conservatory. The raised brick base and tall stature make it a memorable garden element.

Open-Air Gazebo

    A white wooden lath roof like this one offers an open, airy option for a gazebo. Perfect for areas that don't receive a lot of rainfall, the lath structure creates an effective sun shade. The arched roof supports are echoed in several places as both a structural and decorative motif.

Salvaged-Parts Gazebo

    Talk about making something out of nothing. This rustic gazebo is an amazing amalgamation of odd parts. The thick, sturdy support pillars were gleaned from washed-up timber on the beach. The side supports are also rustic logs, cut to fit. The roof is a salvaged 10-foot satellite dish.

Rustic Branch Gazebo

    This pieced-branch gazebo offers rustic appeal. Ideal for a woodland garden (because it blends right in), this gazebo features straight logs that make up the framework with smaller, irregular branches to fill in the spaces. Such rustic structures should be inspected regularly to ensure they are still sound; the irregular surfaces and bark can hide decay and stress cracks that might signal the need to replace structural parts.

Picture-Perfect Kit Gazebo

    Pre-finished kits offered by many manufacturers are a convenient way to add a gazebo to your yard--especially if you love DIY projects. Ideally the components will have a factory-applied finish that includes a primer/sealer plus a durable top coat. The wood floor sections should be supported by concrete pier footings, which can be covered with mulch or a groundcover.

Gazebo Built Around an Existing Tree

    If you can't bear to cut down a backyard tree, build around it. That's what this homeowner did when adding a backyard gazebo. The simple structure incorporates a tilting tree into its design. A brick-and-mortar base and shake shingles are common materials for traditional gazebos.

Gazebo with a View

    It's a match made in heaven--a beautiful white gazebo sits atop a bluff that overlooks water. The gazebo offers a great vantage point to watch the water. And it's also a beautiful focal point when viewed from a distance. The open framework, decorative trim, and small cupola are signature elements that define gazebos and make them instantly recognizable.

Private Gazebo

    Perched like a giant mushroom cap, this gazebo's rustic shingle roof creates a quiet garden sanctuary. The up-close landscaping includes neatly clipped boxwood hedges and ornamental grasses.

Bell-Shape Gazebo Roof

    Custom roofing, such as this bell-shape roof with corbel trim, costs more but adds individual style to a backyard gazebo. Another cost factor for a gazebo is its location. A secluded setting, which provides privacy, may also restrict construction vehicle access and may require some materials to be carried to the building site by hand--which adds to the construction expense.

Gazebo Kits

    The interesting angles on this gazebo frame and roof would make it tough for an amateur to design and build from scratch. But a kit removes that hurdle, allowing you to assemble the components by following relatively simple directions. Concrete pier footings are still required for support, but most kit manufacturers provide diagrams to make that part of the job easier.

Gazebo Entertaining Area

    This gazebo is the architectural anchor of a large backyard entertainment area where guests can enjoy the shade and seclusion provided by the large trees. An adjoining brick patio is a great space for entertaining large groups. Dining tables can be set up, or the patio can serve as a dance floor.

Gazebo at the Water's Edge

    A relaxing gazebo is enhanced by the soothing sounds of moving water. Positioned on the edge of a water garden, the gazebo offers a closeup view of wildlife, including toads, frogs, and beautiful swimming koi.

Carefully Sized Gazebo

    How big should your gazebo be? Plan the size of your outdoor structure by setting your patio or dining furniture on the spot where the structure will be built. Does everything fit? Can people move around easily? If you love entertaining outdoors, the bigger the space, the better. This structure is large enough to host a small gathering but small enough to create a sense of intimacy.

Trio of Gazebos

    Triple your entertaining area by tripling the number of gazebos. If you love to entertain large groups, this may be the ultimate solution. The series of three interconnected gazebos allows you to create a customized outdoor meeting area.

Lighting Your Gazebo

    If you want to use your gazebo after dark, you need to add lighting. For safety, add step lighting to light the way to and from the gazebo. For dramatic effect, use strands of lights to outline your gazebo's eaves and ceiling lights to illuminate its handsome roof structure.

Romantic Gazebo

    Add a little romance to your yard with this cream, green, and burgundy painted gazebo. Wicker furnishings complement the vintage design and are lightweight and easy to carry back to the main house at the end of the season.

Gazebo with Victorian Charm

    Add Victorian charm to your backyard gazebo with ornamental iron brackets between the posts and rafters. The lack of railings makes the space feel more open and spacious.

New Gazebo for Backyard Focal Point

    For new yards like this one with lots of open space to landscape, a gazebo offers a solution. The walkway and garden make this elegant 10-foot-wide structure look like it's always been there.

Square Gazebo

    This square 9x9-foot open gazebo is the perfect structure (and shape) for lakeside activities. The openness of the structure enhances the view rather than blocking it. The simple structure is deceptively well-equipped. It includes a ceiling fan, a light, and stereo speakers, all controlled from within the main house.

Small Gazebo, Big Effect

    Even a small gazebo can have a big impact. The 6-1/2-foot-wide structure offers a great getaway at the edge of a wooded area and a view back toward the elaborately landscaped house. Plants fill the gazebo with color and fragrance.

Classic Cedar Gazebo

    This classic cedar gazebo, constructed with a wood shingle roof, cupola, and Victorian-style bracketing, offers a contemplative resting place in a backyard glade.

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