Beautiful Backyard Inspiration

Sit back, relax, and be inspired by these beautiful backyards created for resting and enjoying the sights, sounds, and scents of nature.


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    • Crowd Pleaser

      Whether hosting a large or small group, this backyard is great for entertaining. A long dining table can seat eight comfortably. A smaller seating area next to the outdoor fireplace is a great spot for casual conversations.

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    • Island Oasis

      There aren’t many things more relaxing than the sound of moving water, so why not have it in your backyard? Here, a small stream outlines a patio area, creating an almost island-like feel. Large rocks dot the patio’s perimeter for added interest.

    • Outdoor Fireplace

      The warmth provided by an outdoor fireplace can extend the amount of time you can use your backyard each season. This beautiful stone fireplace is nice enough to be in a living room. Comfy outdoor furniture adds to the cozy feel. 

    • Colorful Path

      Stepping stones leading to an open gate beckon visitors through this beautifully landscaped backyard. Benches along the path offer the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the vibrant colors and floral scents.

    • Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces

      Give an outdoor room interior-like appeal with these tips to maximize dining, relaxing, and entertaining areas.

    • Pergola Presence

      A hefty pergola makes a bold statement in this backyard and helps define the outdoor eating area. Painting the pergola white gives it a greater visual presence against all the greenery and the natural wood fence in the background, while flowers add a pop of color.

    • Take Advantage of Views

      Have a stunning view? Enjoy it that much more by building a shelter for shade and protection from the elements. Here, two rocking chairs combine with containers of colorful flowers to offer a perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset at the end of a long day.

    • Rustic Luxury

      This backyard offers many ways to relax and cool off on a hot summer day: reading under the shaded pergola, eating a casual meal under the oversized umbrella, or taking a dip in the pool. A combination of natural and man-made elements gives the space high-end luxury with a touch of rustic.

    • Fountain Focal Point

      The focal point of this backyard, the fountain, isn’t the only thing the backyard has to offer. It also features an outdoor cooking area, a fireplace, several seating areas, and beautiful landscaping.

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      Perfect Order

      For some people, order offers relaxation. This backyard is all about order: Perfectly manicured hedges in a symmetrical arrangement surround a large planter filled with flowers. A bench flanked by a pair of sconces is the perfect spot to sit and take it all in.

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      Peaceful Pergola

      Sliding patio doors open directly to this beautifully landscaped and easily accessible backyard. Conveniently sited a few steps from the door, a pergola covered with climbing vines offers a peaceful, private, and shady spot for an outdoor meal.

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      Green Thumb

      Green plantings serve as the artwork in this simple outdoor space. Vines climb over the pergola to shade the eating area, which is complete with a simple metal patio set. Green cushions on the chairs tie in with their surroundings, and potted shrubs dot the perimeter.

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      Feast for the Senses

      A nature-lover’s dream, this backyard has it all: pleasing sights, scents, and sounds. A babbling brook featuring small waterfalls curves its way through bright and fragrant flowers. A tall birdhouse adds height and offers an invitation for pretty birds to add even more color and visual interest. 

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      Zones of Relaxation

      If you have the luxury of space for a large patio area in your backyard, consider creating more than one seating area. Whether pulling a chair close to the fire on a cool evening or sunbathing on a lounge chair on a lazy summer afternoon, these homeowners have a backyard they will enjoy well into the future.

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      One with Nature

      In this backyard, circular beds of lush plantings extend out from a tall bird bath in the center. Perfect for bird-watching or enjoying the colors of nature, the backyard has a natural meadow-like quality to it. A bright white potting shed and pergola blend in beautifully.

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