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A porch is the perfect companion to any style of house, including contemporary, traditional, cottage, Georgian, and other common home styles. Depending on the site and house layout, porches can fit in a range of spots, too. Front, side, and back porches might all be viable options—and don't forget wraparound porches. If you are in the planning stages for a new space or want to upgrade an existing porch, we have additions that will astonish you and ideas that will inspire you. Start with one porch that's a little bit old and a little bit new, and see how one family repurposed an old shed into a porch. To match a porch style to your home, it's best to see all the options available. Explore our gallery of photos and explanations. Turning outdoor spaces into rooms definitely extends living space; you can use these tips to eat, sleep, or just relax on your porch. To see how real-life homeowners remade their real living spaces, look at these transformed porches, as well as before-and-after photos of outdoor areas refashioned with porches. To add design punch to an existing porch, follow these tips to dress up your space.


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