Patio Makeover Diary: NY Stone Patio with Pergola

A flagstone patio and new pergola transform a bland space into a cozy living area that provides a seamless transition between exterior walls.


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    • A Unifying Outdoor Space

      When this 1870s farmhouse in New York underwent a series of extensive renovations, an unplanned--and unfortunate--result was a disjointed intersection of the home and a windowless exterior wall. A pergola remedied the situation, unifying the two walls to create an outdoor room.

    • Patio Before

      Before the pergola was added to this outdoor area, the exterior architecture was unappealing.

    • Patio After

      A pergola, combined with a flagstone patio and luscious landscaping, livens the outdoor aesthetic and provides a casual gathering space.

    • Prepping the Space

      Building an outdoor garden room takes several steps. For this project, workers first removed a dated picture window to make way for the door that leads to the new outdoor gathering space.

    • Starting Construction

      With the new door in place, the digging to level the ground began.

    • Building the Patio Wall

      Before starting in on the wall, the homeowners had to decide how high to make the wall. They set it at comfortable seating height, letting the wall do double duty.

    • Laying the Patio

      After laying half the patio with brick, the homeowners had a change of heart. They went with flagstone instead.

    • Building the Pergola

      It's always important to research pergola designs before starting their construction. In this design, the pillars are not only functional but also visually appealing.

    • Landscaping the Outdoor Space

      After construction on the pergola was finished, the landscaping began. Mature wisteria gave an instantly established look while the rest of the plantings took shape.

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      The Finished Garden Room

      Pergolas can give definition to any outdoor living area. Here, antiques add even more character to the space, and potted plants tie all the pieces together.

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