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Create Cozy Outdoor Living Spaces with Patio Furniture and Shelters

Stretch your boundaries by creating an outdoor room that's flush with creature comforts.


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    • Protect Outdoor Furniture

      Protect your patio furniture by adding a roof -- by way of an arbor, pergola or awning -- to extend the seasons for outdoor entertaining.

    • Screen Gazebo

      A screen gazebo is an excellent choice for any backyard entertainment area. It protects you and your guests against passing showers and pesky mosquitoes.

    • Outdoor Living Space

      A modern, stone-veneered fire pit and plush patio chairs draw people for a relaxing evening under a second-story deck.

    • Relaxing Retreat

      Create a cozy nook at the corner of your garden with pillow-padded furniture colorful accessories! Frame the space with an arching flowering vine.

    • Outdoor Living Space

      Three outdoor rooms and two fireplaces make way for the ultimate space for entertaining. Unite the space by using the same elements in each room whether it's the style of furniture, color scheme of the pillows or repeating accessories.

    • Outdoor Dining

      Lantern-like lighting adds to the ambience of a blazing fireplace to create a romantic flair to this dining area. As summer progresses, a sheltering pergola will bring shade to a popular gathering space.

    • Outdoor Storage and Seating

      Simple boxes fulfill two needs at once, providing both patio seating and storage. The seat tops lift up, allowing access to tabletop service, gardening tools, or folding deck furniture. The cushions are made with waterproof fabric for durability.

    • Outdoor Dining Area with Pergola

      Cedar is a low-maintenance choice for a sturdy pergola. The wood species' natural oils help it resist rot and other damage. Treatment with a waterproofing sealer every couple of years will extend the cedar's life span and give it a more appealing finish.

    • Open Fire Pit

      A stone-lined fire pit supplies practical and visual warmth to an outdoor living space. Additional river-rock accents add to the outdoor room's rustic flavor. Choose your outdoor furnishings for their ability to stand up to the elements.

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      Urban Patio Furniture

      Urban living can also mean outdoor living. For a plot perched on a rooftop or upper-story deck, designers are now creating outdoor furniture with urban flair. The stark-white presence of these chairs dress up the cityscape in a way that no redwood picnic table ever could.

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      Patio Furniture with Color

      Crank up the fun in an outdoor furniture grouping by giving modern-styled Adirondack chairs a colorful finish. Bold tones of red and black create a more contemporary style while softer colors might complement cottage or country garden

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