Inside the Innovation House

We pulled out all the stops to bring the latest home tech features to our Innovation Home. See the 16 coolest things from the home and be amazed by how smart one home can be.

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Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Good-looking countertops -- whether made of marble, limestone, or concrete -- create high-functioning bathrooms that spill over with style. These popular countertop materials are sure to inspire a bathroom remodel.

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Find Your Dream Backyard

Whether you dream of sunning by a state-of-the-art pool or strolling through a simple cottage garden, there's an outdoor oasis with your name written all over it. Take this quiz to find out where you really belong.

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DIY Patio Ideas

Want to boost the beauty and usefulness of your outdoor spaces? Put one of these inspiring DIY patio ideas to work in your landscape.

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Easy Fireplace Upgrades

Does your fireplace need a facelift? Check out these 20 ideas for updating your fireplace with easy-to-apply embellishments and simple-to-make constructions.

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8 Cutting-Edge Exterior Features

The wow-factor of the Innovation Home starts with great curb appeal. See the eight things that make the home's exterior stand out.

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Budget Curb Appeal

Be the best home on the block for less. These budget curb appeal updates will show you how.

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Popular in Home Improvement

Garden Path Ideas: Cut Stone Walkways

For a more formal walkway, cut stone paths can be the perfect addition to your landscape. Find ideas here about which shapes, designs, and patterns would be best for your outdoor decor.


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    • Diamond-Shape Pattern

      Don't be afraid to think beyond the basic square. A simple shift of the shape in this path creates a unique diamond pattern.

    • Formal Path with Repeating Pattern

      Cut stones with straight edges, such as those featured here, are perfect for a more formal walkway. This front entry path boasts of a regular, repeating pattern that gives interest to the path. Shrubs and greenery frame one side to allow guests to take in the views as they walk by.

    • Orderly Walkway

      Cut stone can come in square or rectangular shapes, but both feature straight edges that come together for a formal look that contrasts with the vibrant low plants on the edge of the walkway. The orderliness of this cut stone path adds to the serene formality of the garden.

    • Path with Pattern

      One of the great things about cut stone walkways is that a unique pattern or design can be created with the right shapes and installation. Here, the cut stone of this winding garden path creates a striking pattern. Colorful blooms and lush greenery surround the path, beckoning visitors to see where the winding walkway will lead.

    • Path with Rustic Appeal

      Cut stone is an excellent choice for most gardens and landscapes because it can be used with different materials. Here, the stone is used as a decorative accent, contrasting beautifully with the rustic stone steps and garden edging. The smooth surface makes walking around the area safe, while the design blends perfectly with the outdoor décor.

    • Off the Beaten Path

      Cut stone can often be the perfect addition for small walkways that lead off the beaten path. The simple pattern of this pathway lets visitors move straight into the garden, taking in the views around them. Potted plants frame the walkway and blend well with the stone.

    • Path with a Unique Design

      Cut stone can come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. Here, rectangular shapes blend with squares to create a unique pattern. The straight lines lend a formal air to the walkway, and the winding path leads guests to a backyard pavilion. Edged with a multitude of blooming greenery, the cut stone path is a perfect addition to the landscape.

    • Cut Stone with Cool Tones

      Add character to your outdoor décor with a cut stone path that leads visitors through your landscape. The cool hues of this pathway blend beautifully with the multitude of colors found throughout the garden. Low plants edge the walkway to make it appear more natural, while the sleek stones provide a safe walking place and a fun design.

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