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If you own a home and have a yard, your outdoor space probably includes some sort of path -- from front sidewalk to front door, around the side of the house, or out to the backyard. You can rely on a basic from-here-to-there walkway, or you can upgrade yours with ideas that are beautiful and practical. The first step is to choose your material -- one that complements your house and landscape design. The options are varied: brick, gravel, cut stone, or flagstone, for example. If brick is your choice, you'll want to find a style and pattern that's a good fit for your home and garden; wander through our gallery of ideas. Shape, texture, and design are factors in every pathway, no matter the material. Look to our galleries for more inspiration on cut stone, flagstone, gravel, mixed materials, and stepping-stones. If you want to install the path yourself, you can get it finished in a weekend or less with our step-by-step guide to a flagstone, gravel, or paver walkway. If you're really into DIY, you might want to take a look at casting your own stone steps; they're pretty and a perfect reflection of a can-do personality.

Garden Path Ideas: Brick Walkways

Brick pathways can be both beautiful and practical. Explore ideas here to find...

Garden Path Ideas: Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone offers natural patterns, shapes, and textures. Find ideas here to...

Build a Brick Path

As we wrote in our September 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine,...

Garden Path Ideas: Gravel Walkways

Gravel pathways can be an excellent addition to your garden or landscape....

Garden Path Ideas: Cut Stone Walkways

For a more formal walkway, cut stone paths can be the perfect addition to your...

Crushed Stone Path

Crushed stone makes a handsome walkway that is easy on the feet.

Improve Your Walkway

Whether crafted of concrete slabs or paving stones, noteworthy walkways signal...

Timber Steps

These wooden steps prevent erosion and make it easier to ascend a slope at the...

Exposed Aggregate Walk

Skid-proof exposed aggregate walkways are as attractive as they are practical.

Wood Chip Path

Use what nature has provided to create a casual path.

Faux Flagstone

You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive flagstone to get the look.

Concrete Paver Walkway

Concrete pavers offer a wide range of colors and patterns, are easy to install...

Embossed Stepping Stones

Walk right over these fun stepping stones made from masonry mix and objects...

Old Bricks for a New Path

Old bricks take on a new life in this garden pathway.

How to Install a Walkway

Install a flagstone, gravel, or paver walkway in a weekend or less! Use these...

Tile-Topped Stepping Stones

Create a pretty garden path with the help of these handmade stepping stones...

Garden Path Ideas: Mixed-Material Walkways

Find the right mix of materials to create a unique garden path that meets your...

Platform Walkway

Nothing tames damp or awkward terrain quite so well as a platform walkway.

Basic Brick Path

Brick paths have an old-world charm that complements any landscaping style.

Great Garden Gates

Set the mood for your garden from the moment you enter it with these ideas for...

Easy Stepping Stones

Here's a way to lay stepping stones that won't break your bank, or your back.

Make a Brick Path

Add interest -- and direction -- to your yard with this brick path.

Garden Path Ideas: Stepping Stone Walkways

Stepping stone pathways can be a great addition to your outdoor landscape. Fin...

Rock-Edged Gravel Path

This gravel path will keep your feet dry year-round.

Glorious Garden Paths

Create a memorable walkway for your yard.

Sculpted Stepping Stones

These molded concrete stepping-stones may take more work than commercial stone...


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