Pools & Spas

Adding a pool or a spa to your backyard might seem like a daunting task, even for a savvy planner or DIYer. And from choosing a design style to upkeep and repairs, the addition of a pool or spa undoubtedly comes with an endless array of questions and answers. We'll give you the information you need -- from design and planning ideas to care and maintenance tips -- to help take the guesswork out of the whole process. To start, we've compiled a list of common pool styles to help you find the type that will suit your space, budget, and needs. Then browse through our pool and spa planning tips. We'll give you answers to questions every homeowner asks: How much can I afford? How long will it take to install? And should I install an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool? We also have an array of expert maintenance and cleaning tips you can use to keep your pool or spa looking fresh and new for years to come. We've even gathered a collection of our favorite pools, spas, and pavilions you can use as inspiration to help create your own backyard oasis.


Pool & Spa Inspiration
Backyard Oasis

See how to incorporate all the elements for the ideal outdoor space.

Design Ideas for Pools & Spas

See our tips for creating a lush oasis in your backyard.

Plan Your Pool

Learn how to plan for the pool of your dreams with this simple guide.

Everything in Pools & Spas
Pools and Spas
  • Planning for a Pool

    Are you ready to get swimming? Discover the essentials for planning for a backyard pool.

  • Planning for a Spa

    A backyard spa or hot tub transforms any backyard into a relaxing retreat. Consider all your options.

  • Pool Care and Maintenance

    A backyard pool is an investment in family fun. Discover the basics about care and maintenance.

  • Pool Tour: Backyard-Turned-Paradise

    Your backyard can become entertaining central with the addition of a pool, outdoor kitchen, and other amenities.

  • Pools, Spas & Pavilions

    Pools and spas provide waves of relaxation. Set up stylish shade and shelter options nearby.

  • Spa Care and Maintenance

    Your spa provides endless hours of relaxation –- and all with minimal care.

  • Types of Pools

    Choose the best pool for your location, family, and needs with our pool buyer's guide.


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