Traditional Entry Arbor

This entry arbor is affordable, elegant, and easy to build.

What You Need:

Quick Coverage Arbor Choose arbor-enhancing vines, such
as annual morning glory, cypress
vine, or thunbergia.

  • Four 10-foot 2x4s (A)
  • Four 8-foot 1x4s (B)
  • Thirteen 4-foot 2x2s or seven 8-foot 2x2s cut in half, or 13 precut deck spindles (C)
  • 72 feet of lath or twenty-four 36-inch pieces (D and E)
  • Approximately sixty 3-inch deck screws
  • Approximately thirty 2-inch deck screws
  • Approximately twelve 1-5/8-inch deck screws (for brackets; optional)
  • Approximately fifty 6d galvanized nails
  • 3-4 gallons gravel
  • Exterior-grade latex stain or polyurethane sealer (optional)

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