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Entry Arbor Ideas

Browse through these entryway arbors to find a structure that's a perfect welcome to your home, a pathway, or any other outdoor area.


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    • Arched Entry Arbor

      Entryway arbors direct visitors to a destination in a stylish, grand fashion. This arbor looks like it belongs because it mimics the arch over the home's front door.

    • Arbor and Fence Combo

      For an entryway to a private gathering area, add a fence that works together with the arbor. Here, an Asian-influenced fence leads visitors to the gated entryway.

    • Freestanding Gated Arbor

      For a touch of privacy, add a latticed gate to a freestanding arbor. This simple arched structure provides a portal through the hedge to another part of the yard.

    • Rose-Covered Arbor

      This rose-covered arbor gives guests a warm welcome at the front sidewalk. Without a gate, the arbor draws visitors right in.

    • Arbor on Pedestals

      With more substantial structures, you'll need to anchor the arbor posts into grounded pedestals. Here, the pedestals are made from plywood faced with shake shingles. With all-wood construction, the spaces around the post have to be well-designed and sealed with caulk.

    • DIY Garden Arbor Kits

      Consider the pros and cons of using garden structure kits, which are a trade-off between ready-made convenience and custom design, and between paying only for materials and paying for labor.

      In kit form, small structures such as this arbor ship for a reasonable cost and can be finished in just a weekend. A prefabricated curved arch is a real timesaver, and trellis panels add more interest. Most arbor plans call for site-built masonry footings.

    • Supersize Arbor Entry

      For a grand entrance no guest will forget, pump up the scale of your arbor. A massive arbor like this requires an equally massive arch. This behemoth was constructed by stacking sturdy pieces of lumber atop each other, screwing them together, and then cutting out the arch.

    • Asian-Inspired Entry

      To create an appropriate entrance for an Asian garden, construct an arbor with signature elements that create the unmistaken flavor of the Far East. This arbor blends a subtle mix of Asian-inspired touches but has no dominant stylistic theme. Large timbers make up the frame, square grid panels fill in the gates, and the curved knee braces create a cloud-lift effect where they meet the beams overhead.

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