Ball-Topped Vine Pole

Easy instructions to enter the world of vertical gardening.
The Basics

Covered with morning glories,
our vine pole becomes a flowering
lollipop -- but a lollipop as big as
you are.

For a vine to grow up, it must grow up something. A trellis can be that supportive something, as can an arbor, a wall, a tree, a shrub, or even a vine pole. All by its lonesome, this structure is classic in its architectural simplicity. But as the seasons warm and the vine does its vine thing, the pole becomes a swirling mass of green tendrils, outstretched leaves, and eye-high blossoms. Welcome to vertical gardening. Here's how to make a vine pole for less than $25. After an hour or so of craftsmanlike puttering, you may settle in for several hours with a seed catalog.

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