Learn about different types of fences and fence installation tips to find the perfect design for your home. Whether you want to shield your yard, establish safe borders, contribute to a garden style, or feel like you're a world away, a fence can be an asset in your outdoor spaces. It's helpful to understand the elements that go into building a fence and recognize its multiple functions, such as curb appeal, protection from the elements, and privacy. Building your own fence can be a good do-it-yourself project, but you do have to know some basics, including material hardiness, design principles, and building code restrictions; we've gathered them all to help you build your ideal design. For a more complex project, you can create stone-and-rail fencing with these directions. Nearly every fence needs a gate; you can build your own with our basic tips, or let our 12 examples of charming gates be inspiration for you or your contractor. Review these attractive arbor-and-fence combinations for a style that's suited to your yard. If your fence is in need of repair, here's how to fix damaged areas.


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