How to Install Board-and-Batten

Give your walls a fresh look with this easy-to-install board-and-batten.

What You Need

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Chalk line

Drywall mud and skimming tool

Boards for base, cap, verticals, and ledge in desired width and depth

Desired molding for under ledge

Table saw

Construction adhesive

Nail gun, nails


Caulk and caulking gun

Surfacing paste (we used Spackle) and sandpaper

Primer, paint, and paint roller

Step 1

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Snap a chalk line at desired height. For textured walls, skim drywall mud below the line (see right). Let dry.

Step 2

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Measure, cut, and install baseboard and cap (the bottom and top horizontal boards, respectively). Next, install the vertical boards, ledge, and molding. Ensure all are level and plumb as you are installing them. Use construction adhesive to glue the pieces to the walls.


Step 3

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Secure the boards with nails as you work, using a nail gun.

Tip: Don't overnail. Drive in only as many nails as you need to hold the piece of molding firmly against the wall.

Step 4

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If desired, attach a ledge piece atop the cap board.

Step 5

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Caulk all seams. Spackle nail holes and sand smooth.

Step 6

Prime walls and boards. When dry, paint upper walls your desired color and paint lower walls and boards white. Let dry.

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