Inside the Innovation House

We pulled out all the stops to bring the latest home tech features to our Innovation Home. See the 16 coolest things from the home and be amazed by how smart one home can be.

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Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Good-looking countertops -- whether made of marble, limestone, or concrete -- create high-functioning bathrooms that spill over with style. These popular countertop materials are sure to inspire a bathroom remodel.

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Find Your Dream Backyard

Whether you dream of sunning by a state-of-the-art pool or strolling through a simple cottage garden, there's an outdoor oasis with your name written all over it. Take this quiz to find out where you really belong.

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DIY Patio Ideas

Want to boost the beauty and usefulness of your outdoor spaces? Put one of these inspiring DIY patio ideas to work in your landscape.

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Easy Fireplace Upgrades

Does your fireplace need a facelift? Check out these 20 ideas for updating your fireplace with easy-to-apply embellishments and simple-to-make constructions.

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8 Cutting-Edge Exterior Features

The wow-factor of the Innovation Home starts with great curb appeal. See the eight things that make the home's exterior stand out.

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Budget Curb Appeal

Be the best home on the block for less. These budget curb appeal updates will show you how.

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Popular in Home Improvement

Molding & Trim

When it comes to infusing your home with rich, historical flavor, wood details—such as wainscoting, beaded board, paneling, and crown molding—are a worthwhile investment. Ornate trimwork and molding can be the ultimate design statement in a room, adding interest to walls and clearly defining each space. In less than a weekend, you can install trimwork in a room to add depth and interest to walls. Molding and trimwork aren't just for walls and ceilings; find ideas for using trimwork around doors, windows, and fireplaces to highlight distinctive features and create focal points throughout your home. To make trimwork stand out, paint it a lighter shade than your walls and ceiling. Regardless of your home's age, installing molding and trimwork is a small investment well worth the payoff. Looking to add molding and trim on a budget? Architectural salvage and construction demolition businesses might be a good source for purchasing remodeling materials at a lower cost than new materials. Find design ideas and learn how to install trim in your home with our expert advice for preserving your home's classic good looks and timeless charm.

Colorful Ideas that Will Put Boring Woodwork Out of Business

Accentuate the positive! Highlight your home's finest architectural features ...

The Ultimate Guide to Molding

Find ideas for adding texture and style to walls, furniture, and accents with...

Decorate Your Walls with Molding

A welcoming room begins with well-dressed walls. Consider these stylish...

Beaded-Board Bathrooms

Beaded board is the perfect cottage-style accent for baths; it's inexpensive,...

Style-Setting Architectural Features

Discover new ways to layer on style -- whether it's rustic or traditional --...

Design Ideas for Textured Walls

Make a statement in any room by adding real or perceived texture to one or mor...

How to Paint Wood Paneling

Take your home out of the 1970s by painting your wood paneling. Better Homes...

Beautiful Ceiling Design Ideas

See photos of classic ceiling treatments and design ideas that add character t...

How to Install Beaded Board

Change the look of a room in a weekend -- or your whole house in a few weekend...

Living Room Trimwork Ideas

Improve your home decor by adding or upgrading architectural details and trim.

Easy DIY Picture Rail

Want an easy and affordable way to bring architectural character to your home?...

Upgrade a Door with Molding

Paint and molding are all you need to give an inexpensive interior door the...

Basic Guide to Working with Molding

A step-by-step guide for installing basic molding, cutting and chopping, and...

Trimwork and Molding Guide

Improve the makeup of any room with beautiful, eye-catching details. Learn how...

How to Transform a Room with Crown Molding

Create a new look in a room by installing crown molding to bridge the gap...

Distinctive Trimwork Ideas

Few elements signal style as surely as carefully selected trim. Show off a...

How to Clean Ceilings and Moldings

Keep ceilings and moldings looking good overhead with these easy cleaning tips.

Crafting a Plate Rail

This simple but handsome plate rail will give you a place to display decorativ...

DIY Wall Treatment: Faux Paneling

Give any wall a paneled look with a few basic tools and strips of wood.

Update a Cabinet with Molding

Update plain cabinet fronts with an application of molding.

Faux French Door

Give a plain interior door an intriguing treatment with a mirror and muntins.

Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas

Learn about using the right wainscoting for your home.

How to Install Board-and-Batten

Give your walls a fresh look with this easy-to-install board-and-batten.

Installing Wainscoting

This step-by-step guide teaches how to install wainscoting and includes a list...

3 Reasons to Paint Your Window Trim Black

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home an...

Update Your Living Room with Molding

Off the shelf and onto your walls -- molding can liven up the room.


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