All About Lighting

The main types of home lighting include overhead, wall, task, and specialty lighting. Whatever your needs, be sure to match the lighting fixture and bulbs with its purpose before purchasing or installing.
Overhead Lighting
installed recessed light illustration

Ambient lighting may not dispense enough light for individual tasks, but it should have sufficient brightness to support the room's basic activities -- playing games, watching television, reading, or dining, for example. Install fixtures high enough so that even your tallest friends won't bump their heads.

Match the style of the fixture to the room's architectural style rather than to the furniture style. With the exception of the dining room and entryway, the central light in a room should not be a major focal point.

Tips When Replacing an Overhead Fixture: When purchasing a new overhead light, check the total wattage of the current light as well as the rating of the new fixture. If your current fixture provides adequate light, pick a replacement fixture that uses about the same total wattage. However, if the room has always seemed dark, use a higher-wattage light and install a dimmer switch.

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