Light the Night with a Low-Voltage System

Brighten your deck or landscape for nighttime use with a low-voltage lighting system that's safe for outdoors.
Types Available

Packaged landscape lighting kits contain a variety of popular fixtures, plus the hardware and transformer needed for installation. If that doesn't fit your needs, fixtures, transformers, lamps, and timers can also be purchased separately.

These are the six styles of outdoor lighting to choose from.

Entrance lights provide general illumination along walks and driveways.

Tier lighting is often used along borders for a soft, decorative accent.

Floodlights send out a strong beam for backlighting or highlighting.

Globe lights provide general lighting without glare.

Mushroom lights refer to lamps where the source of the light is hidden, providing a soft, glowing effect.

Well lighting sends the light beam upward, which is useful for accenting trees, bushes, and buildings.

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