Good lighting can completely transform your home. Lighting can set a mood, illuminate work spaces to make doing certain tasks, such as paying bills or cooking, easier, and it can increase safety. Learn about the different types of lighting and how to incorporate overhead lighting, lamps, and more to create a perfectly lit home. Explore the concept of layering lighting to light your rooms like a pro. There are three layers of lighting: task (lighting focused on where tasks are performed, such as undercabinet lighting in a kitchen), accent (used to highlight a certain element, such as sconces above an art piece), and ambient (overall lighting that illuminates the space, usually overhead lighting). We'll show you how to combine these layers in different ways so that you can effectively use specific lighting elements for specific rooms. Plus, learn all about light fixtures—from chandeliers to recessed lighting, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, pendants, and more, and see how you can make lighting not only functional but eye-catching, as well. Lighting is also important for the outside of your home. See how proper lighting can illuminate your outdoor spaces. And with lighting comes lightbulbs. Learn more about the new lightbulbs on the market and know how to choose the right ones.


More Lighting Ideas and Tips for You
Front Door Ideas

Learn how to accessorize your entry with lighting and hardware.

Landscape Lighting

Add ambiance to your exterior with these lighting tips.

House Lighting

Extend your home's curb appeal past sunset with these lighting ideas.

Everything in Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Lighting Planning
Room Lighting
Installing Lighting


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