Kitchen Appliances to Consider

Cooking is still the most important kitchen activity, and today there are a variety of ways to get the job done. These ideas will show you some of the latest developments in kitchen appliances.
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A stainless-steel professional-style range is the hot ticket for many people, but a true professional model has special requirements. At up to 60 inches wide, some pro ranges are twice the width of a standard 30-inch consumer model. That means giving up some cabinet space. For home use, consider a "professional-style" range. These models look the part and often offer pro features such as dual fuel (gas cooktop and electric oven), convection cooking, self-cleaning ovens, smaller sizes, and childproof controls.

Wall ovens offer another option for serious cooks. Conventional, convection, microwave, and broiler models are available, though some use different cooking methods simultaneously to speed up the cooking process. If you opt for a wall oven, you'll need a separate cooktop. A separate cooktop allows you to have as many or as few burners as you need regardless of oven size.

Warming drawers reduce the stress of having the complete meal ready at the same time. They reduce juggling and keep food at serving temperature, from 140 to 200 degrees, for extended periods. A drawer can be placed near the oven, or even built into the dining area to keep hot food within reach during meals.

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