Kitchen Advice: Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Five expert hints for maximizing space in small kitchens
5 Ways to Maximize Space

1. If possible, create a second doorway.
This will reduce congestion by allowing traffic to flow through the kitchen.

2. Move the eating space out of the kitchen.
Once the kids are past the throwing-strained-peas stage, an "eat out" kitchen is not only practical but helps create a special mood for everyday meals.

3. Add more drawers.
Drawers often have more usable storage space than kitchen cabinets. Break the mold and install drawers for all (or most) of your kitchen-storage needs.

4. Splurge on custom.
Custom kitchen cabinets are a boon to small kitchens because they can be made deeper than standard cupboards.

5. Hunt down European appliances.
Because European homes generally have small kitchen designs, their appliances are designed to provide maximum utility in a minimum footprint.