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How can I go green with an attractive outdoor clothesline?

Do you have any ideas about what type of structure I can build to disguise my outdoor clothesline?


The only way that would still allow air to effectively get to the clothing is to plant tall vegetation around the clothesline. This will allow the air to get through but will shield the view from neighbors.

Answered by: Travis Blake, Certified Remodeler, NARI

About Travis

Travis Blake is a certified remodeler with NARI who has been working in the remodeling industry for 22 years. He currently is the project manager for Maine Properties, Inc., a successful remodeling and property management company in Scarborough, Maine. Travis is a nationally certified door and window installer in addition to his considerable experience in all other aspects of remodeling.

Travis supervises extensive remodeling projects including major kitchen and bath renovations. Years of experience, a commitment to promoting the highest standards of quality, and a dedication to industry education make Travis a great resource for your remodeling questions and concerns.

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