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With a greener home, you can save money with more efficient use of energy and water, live healthier and be more environmentally astute by using materials that are renewable and recyclable—without compromising quality, aesthetics, or budget. In the past few years, advancements in the technology behind the green movement have improved vastly. While the initial cost of a compact-fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) or LED bulb might be higher than a regular incandescent bulb, it doesn't take long for the energy and money savings to outweigh the up-front cost. If the task of transitioning much of your home to greener products is daunting, start small. Many of the changes you can implement in your home to save water and energy and live healthier are as simple as screwing in a lightbulb or changing out a faucet or showerhead. Learn which of these improvements you can do on your own and which require professional help. If you are building a home from scratch, the notion that green-built houses cost a lot more just doesn't add up. Often green-built houses cost an average of only about 5 percent more. Let us show you how solid planning can help you build a home that will save money on maintenance and up to 50 percent on utilities. When it comes to keeping that home green and clean, the list of natural products—most of which you already have in your home—is here. Green living isn't as complicated as you think—let us show you how little changes can make a big difference!


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