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Real-Life Garage Redo

Take a look at the process of building a detached garage to match the character and style of a 1913 Arts and Crafts home. (The new garage takes the place of one the homeowners tore down.)


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    • Bare Bones

      Though not much to look at now, the framed garage already reflects the homeowners' desire for garage doors tall enough to handle an SUV. The drive was built from tumbled pavers laid over sand and crushed limestone gravel.

    • All Wrapped Up

      After hiring an architect to draw the plans for their garage, the homeowners tackled the job of framing, applying weather-resistant home wrap, and building the garage themselves.

    • Thinking Ahead

      Installing a small window near the top of the structure lets natural light into the area that will eventually be a garage loft.

    • Nitty-Gritty Work

      Cultured Brick veneer from Owens Corning was applied brick-by-brick -- and didn't require a footing. A pre-applied whitewash finish gives the veneer a weathered look.

    • Coming Together

      The homeowners traveled the country snapping pictures of exterior details they wanted to emulate for their own garage. When it came time to remodel, they chose vertical brick trim to separate the painted shingle siding from the veneer. The shingles are painted Light Gray and the trim in Strong White (both from Farrow & Ball). Together with the brick, they create a warm, earthy palette.

    • Touches on Top

      Clay roofing tiles, salvaged from an old church, weigh seven pounds a piece and put the crowning touch on the garage. A custom-made cedar window box fits below the window looking into the garage loft.

    • Over the Top

      Details turn an ordinary garage into something extraordinary. This white cedar trellis over the service door is a fairly simple detail that packs a lot of style punch.

    • Garage Hardware

      Matte-finish doorknobs match the knobs on the house.

    • Lantern Light

      New fixtures by Shades of Light feature a gun-metal finish and Arts and Crafts design from the early 20th century.

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      Thoughtful Landscaping

      Wooden, paneled garage doors were painted to match the rest of the structure. Tall prairie grass separates a formerly shared drive and pays subtle homage to the home's location in the heart of the Midwest.

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      The Fix-It Station

      If the exterior of the garage is all about charm, then the interior is devoted to function. Whirlpool's Gladiator GarageWorks System was installed to organized tools and accessories.

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      Room for All

      The GearDrawer unit has five smooth-gliding drawers of varying heights to accommodate small and large tools.

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      Do-It-All Cupboard

      Storage units in different heights come with adjustable shelves and recessed door handles. A coated finish prevents corrosion.

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      Necessary Versatility

      GarageWorks components feature a tread-plate finish and heavy-duty casters. Even the refrigerator/freezer is on wheels; it can be converted to a full freezer with the turn of a knob.

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      Channeled Panels

      The GearWall panels support everything from brooms and dustpans to recreational equipment. The weight-bearing channels can be attached to wood studs, drywall, and masonry walls.

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      The Parts Make the Whole

      The final product? A garage that fits the style of the home it belongs to, and the needs of the homeowners who use it.

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