Great Garage Doors

Ban boring garage doors by choosing a style with windows, molding details, or great hardware. Take a look at some of our favorites!

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San Fran blue garage
Brand-New Molding

    White molding adds pizzazz to the basic garage door. It also blends in with the white accents along the rest of the row house's exterior.

Fancy Foliage

    A trio of gables extends from the main house to the garage and adds architectural beauty to the roofline. The structure also provides visual balance to the porch addition.

Color Cues

    The putty color and simple window panes blend in with the lines of the contemporary home. Now the garage looks as if it were meant to be part of the house, rather than an addition.

Style Addition

    The paned windows on the garage add to the Craftsman Era flair of the home's exterior. The attached garage eliminates the need for a yard-eating driveway.

White on Top

    Dappled sunlight shines through the wooden trellis overhanging the double windows in the paneled garage doors. The trellis is supported by simple brackets and painted to match the home's trim.

A Clever Faux

    Installing faux wrought-iron handles on this paneled door adds sophistication on par with the peaked roof and outdoor light sconces.

Regal Setting

    A slight arch frames the wine-colored paneled garage door and adds elegance to the otherwise purely functional feature. The six-pane windows imitate the windows in the home.


    These double doors were painted the same taupe color as the siding, but are set apart by barn-red trim.

Windowed Duo

    Transom windows top each door on this attached garage. The soft white color of the garage doors matches the home's trim.

Symmetry in Motion

    Evenly spaced squares of glass are a simple addition to a paneled garage door. Overhead, a trellis supports vines that help soften the exterior and bring attention to the door.

The Perfect Foil

    Red and white look so smart when paired as home exterior colors. A wide garage door allows easy access for two vehicles.

Boxed In

    A horizontal window panel keeps the exterior of this two-door garage orderly and complements the windowed dormer above.

Soft Touch

    Vines climbing a trellis add interest to these standard paneled garage doors and draw attention to the unusual roofline.

Ye Olde Garage

    Decorative face hardware, a brick exterior, and twin dormers give this garage the look of a carriage house.

A Dash of Elegance

    A sophisticated stone exterior calls for garage refinement, cleverly created by adding a shingled overhang supported by scroll-type brackets.

Simple Style

    Unornamented double doors on this garage complement the simple Tudor style of the structure. Both the garage and the three dormers feature large windows.

Twin Glass Panels

    This door has a welcoming feel to it, thanks to the twin door panels that take on the look of a double entry door. Detailed molding across the top and a pair of sconces add to the style.

X Marks the Spot

    This door is similar to the one on the previous slide, but has the added design element of a pair of X shapes on the bottom panels.

Fan Light

    Narrow fan-shaped glass windows define this door and feature a few curved shapes to counter the effect of lots of long horizontal lines in the siding and railing.

Brick Arch

    Plain garage doors look anything but ordinary when set inside attractive brick arches. This type of architectural feature can turn a ho-hum garage into something special.

Wood Panels

    Squares of stained wood march across these garage doors. This look may be most appropriate for rustic settings and on homes that feature a natural color palette or wood siding.


    Here's an upscale door with several custom features to create the look of impressive entry doors. Heavy iron strap hardware adds a detail using the same metal as the lantern overhead.

Arched Window

    The long arched window on this garage was chosen to echo the barrel arch seen on the addition's roofline (on the right).

Trellis Detail

    Substantial molding above the doors has been stuccoed to match the exterior and includes a keystone detail at the center point. A redwood trellis overhead rests on triangular brackets to give support to flowering vines.


    Iron handles and strip hinge details infuse this triple garage with the feel of a vintage carriage house. A dormer and cupola break up the large roofline and bring light to the garage interior.


    On this triple garage, graceful arches were created in the brickwork as well as in the garage doors themselves. Lighting, contrasting paint treatment, and special hardware also add pleasing detail.

Natural Wood

    This stone garage set on a wooded lot shows off beautifully finished wood doors, each with four sets of mullioned windows.

Triple Treat

    Wood doors also fit well on a home with neutral siding and light brick. These brick archways help conceal regular rectangular garage doors mounted underneath.

A Touch of Tuscan

    Here's a Tuscan-style home and garage with a stone exterior and terra-cotta tile roof. The wood garage doors include some simple details that give them a rustic, handmade look.

Double Arch

    Arches are a repeating theme in this garage courtyard. A brick circle on the driveway ties in with the garage door openings and columned entry on the right. The garage doors include striking timbers in the shape of an X.

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