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Eco-Friendly Flooring Picks

Check out these beautiful and durable flooring materials that are eco-friendly too. Manufacturer information is included.


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    • Bamboo Flooring

      Bamboo vertical flooring comes in 3-3/4 inch-wide planks that showcase the unique markings made by the vertical method of cutting bamboo. This durable flooring makes a beautiful and addition to any room.

      Bamboo vertical
      $7-$7.99 per square foot
      Shaw Floors
      800/441-7429; shawfloors.com

    • Linoleum flooring

      Produced from renewable materials such as linseed oil, resins, wood flour, and jute, this linoleum is an ecologically responsible flooring choice. Linoleum comes with an antibacterial feature and is available in a wide variety of colors.

      Marmoleum Linoleum
      $5.50-$7.00 per square foot

    • Cork Flooring

      A protective acrylic finish adds durability to this glue-free cork flooring that can be installed over most preexisting materials. Cork material provides acoustic insulation, and the modern looking planks come in three colors.

      Toledo Natura
      $5.95 per sq. foot
      BHK of America
      800/663-4176; bhkuniclic.com

    • Quiet Cork Flooring

      Cork, a sustainable natural resource, makes an environmentally conscious flooring choice. This Oporto style, available in many colors, is a comfortable, quiet material.

      $10-$12 per square foot
      Design Materials

    • Strong Bamboo Flooring

      Solvent-free water-based topcoats protect the natural strength and toughness of bamboo. Signature Colors pre-finished flooring is made from the fast-growing Chinese Moso bamboo and is available in four shades.

      Signature Colors Bamboo Flooring
      $6-$8 per sq foot uninstalled
      800/929-6333; teragren.com

    • Bamboo Flooring With Easy Installation

      Click-together installation makes this glue-free and eco-friendly flooring product easy to put together.

      Home Legend Bamboo Flooring
      $3.99 per square foot
      Home Depot
      800-430-3376; homedepot.com

    • Teak Deck Panels

      These 18" square panels of sustainable teak link together with concealed stainless steel hardware. These easy-to-install panels make a perfect platform for outdoor dining and entertaining.

      Teak deck panels
      $199 for four
      Smith & Hawken
      800/940-1170; smithandhawken.com

    • Cork Tile Flooring

      Insulated and water resistant, varnished cork tiles install just like any ceramic tile. They are made not only from renewable cork, but also from recycled cork stopper byproducts.

      Cork mosaic tile
      $12--$20 per square foot
      Habitus Architectural Finishes
      212/426-5500; habitusync.com

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