New Wood Floors

Try these tricks to get your new wood floor looking like old.
Getting the Aged Look

Q: How can I make the wood floors in our new upper level match the wood floors in the existing rooms?

A: Even if you install the same wood floors upstairs as you have downstairs and apply the same stain, the two floors will still look different because one has gradually changed appearance with everyday wear and tear. However, if you want an aged look on your new wood floors, you can have your flooring installer or finisher apply a finish that will create an aged look—also called ambering.

Oil-base finishes give more ambering than water-base finishes. In fact, some finishes are described as nonambering, so these will remain clear and will not lend themselves to the aged look you want.

You also can have the new floors artificially distressed by pounding the floors with hammers, chains, and rocks. Or you can simply buy a new floor that is already distressed.