Laying Integral-Pad Carpeting

About This Project

Integral-pad (or cushion-backed) carpeting is bonded to its own cushioned backing, thus eliminating the need for a carpet pad. It's especially ideal for applying carpet directly over concrete. Cut-pile, berber, and other styles are available in a good selection of colors.

In small spaces, such as bathrooms and closets, you can cut the carpeting to fit and lay it without carpet tape. Edges have a tendency to curl in time, however, so it's best to anchor big pieces with double-sided tape.

Prepare the room as you would for any other type of carpeting. The floor should be structurally sound. Clean the floor well so the tape can adhere.

Buy double-sided carpet tape, which is 2 inches wide. It has a protective paper that covers the top; remove the paper only when you are ready to attach the carpet. If the installation involves seams, buy 5-inch-wide carpet tape and a seam adhesive recommended for your type of carpeting.

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