Installing Flooring

Get the basics for installing wood, carpet, and sheet flooring in our comprehensive flooring installation guide. We've gathered our best tips for installing carpet and carpeting a stairway—and step-by-step instructions on how to stretch and trim carpet. Learn to repair damaged carpet sections, too. Read our how-to guide for sheet-flooring installation, and learn about patching up sheet flooring instead of replacing it entirely. Laminate flooring can be an easily completed do-it-yourself project, and with our handy guide, you can replace your flooring in a weekend or less. Stairs can be tricky, but we have instructions for laying laminate flooring perfectly the first time. Check out our tips for repairing your existing flooring, too. Our carpet cleanup guide will keep your flooring in top shape and keep it lasting for years to come. Still not sure what type of flooring suits your style, budget, and lifestyle? Take our quick and easy flooring finder quiz to help point you in the right direction and discover what flooring works best for you.


More Flooring Ideas and Advice for You
Cleaning Carpet

Make your carpets as good as new.

DIY Laminate Floors

Learn how to install laminate wood flooring.

Best Materials

Discover the best materials for your bathroom floor.

Everything in Installing Flooring
  • Carpet Cleaning 101

    Get your carpets in shape with professional or at-home care. Here's how to keep carpets looking new.

  • Laying Carpet

    Install new carpet in your home with this step-by-step guide.

  • Laying Integral-Pad Carpeting

    Learn how to lay integral-pad, or cushion-backed, carpet in your home—how to seal seams with adhesive.

  • How To Seal Grout

    Glazed tile surfaces are hard, durable, and rarely stain, but grout is another story. Watch as Danny Lipford seals...

  • Radiant-Heat Flooring in a Bathroom

    Radiant heating lends luxurious, spa-like appeal to bathrooms, particularly on cold mornings.

Other Materials


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