Landscape Lights

These fixtures look good during the day and work at night.
Day and Night

California Tulip

As soon as the days get longer and warmer and greener, we reconnect with the outdoors -- spying a butterfly's fluttery flight, inhaling a lilac's luxuriant aroma, reading under the light of the sun. This means the landscape lighting we install needs to look just as wonderful by day as it does by night. Here are some examples our Building Department editors liked. Note: Prices and models are subject to change.

This 23-inch-high fixture is a natural when it comes to illuminating a flowerbed or walkway. Made of brass, the California Tulip light from Rockscapes, Inc. features a simple shade and gently curving stem that mimics a flower without stealing the show ($49).


Mushroom Light

A rounded shade directs light downward, making this fixture especially ideal along side steps. Measuring 12 inches high, the large Mushroom Light from Intermatic Inc. is made of die-cast aluminum and is treated with a verdigris finish ($26).


Thatched Hat

Handcrafted from commercial-grade cast metal, this 20-inch fixture will withstand many years of nature's little outbursts. The verdigris finish of the Hanover Lantern, Inc., Thatched Hat Light blends into your landscape too ($175).

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