Victorian-Style Home Ideas

Victorian-style homes are treasured for their diversity, rich ornamentation, and craftsmanship. See the variety that exists within the style and gain inspiration for your home.

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Victorian Color Combinations

    Victorian-style homes often boast richly complex color combinations, as seen here. Additional visual interest is added to this home's facade through the repetition of the porch spindles on the front gable.

Textured Exterior

    The exterior walls of Victorian-style homes are often textured with decorative shingles, as seen between the first- and second-story porches that extend across two sides of this home.

Stick-Style Victorian

    Stick-style Victorian homes, such as this one, are characterized by their tall, narrow structure, linearity, and emphasis on wood as a building material.

Victorian Chimneys

    Chimneys are a key visual element of Victorian-style homes. Traditionally, they are tall, brick, and have elaborate caps. The two grandiose chimneys of this contemporary Victorian-style home are given a fresh look with natural stone.

Tower Architecture

    Round towers characterize many Victorian-style houses and can contribute to a charming asymmetrical design. All four sides of Victorian homes can be quite different.

Victorian Detailing

    Ornamental details, such as decorative spindles and brackets, characterize many Victorian-style homes. Note the design on this home's porch gable.

Roof Style

    Wide, flaring, and quite steep, the roofs of Victorian-style homes are generally covered with wood shingles, as seen here. Sometimes, decorative slate shingles are used instead.

Victorian Landscape Design

    A bold and vibrant landscape design reflects the ornamental detailing of this Victorian-style home. Sometimes a grand garden is needed to play off the dramatic features of the home's architecture.

Colors and Textures

    The various textures on this home's exterior are defined by the yellow, green, and cranberry color combination. The colors also emphasize clean lines along the home's deep eaves.

Victorian Entrances

    Elaborate front porches often mark main entrances of Victorian-style homes. The pediment on this portico mimics the home's front gable.

Restrained Victorian

    Not all Victorian-style homes are lavishly decorated or boldly colored. While its embellishments are restrained, this Victorian still features many of the style's favorite qualities, such as the sweeping front porch.

Victorian Front Porch

    Decorative spindles, combined with flowers in hanging baskets and rail boxes, dress up the rounded front porch of this Victorian-style home.

Bold Colors

    When painting a Victorian home, don't be afraid of bold colors. Use one color for the main part of the house, another for the trim, and a third for decorative accents.

Victorian Trim

    Decorative bargeboard trim laces the eaves of this Victorian-style home. All dressed up, the outdoor scheme includes historically-accurate paint colors and a new landscape plan of cottage-garden plants and red brick.

Queen Anne Victorian

    Bold brackets under the eaves--a characteristic of Victorian-style homes--add architectural detailing and help anchor the roof to the home. The light-colored trim creates clean lines that strengthen the vertical design of this classic Queen Anne Victorian home.

Victorian Curb Appeal

    Landscaping adds curb appeal to this charming Victorian cottage. Two arbors--one at the beginning of the front walk and the other beside the home--invite visitors to pass through. Vibrantly colored flowers match the home's ornamental detailing.

Painted Ladies

    San Francisco definitely embraced Victorian-style homes, as seen here in the famous Victorian row houses, often called "painted ladies."

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