Cottage-Style Home Ideas

Medieval styles of the English countryside inspired the charming and cozy cottage-style houses we know today. See a variety of cottages and find ideas for your home here.

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Cottage-Style Windows and Door

    Cottage-style homes, such as the one seen here, often feature small dormer windows for added overhead space upstairs. A blue door and shutters help this simple portico offer a charming welcome.

Natural Cottage Details

    Exterior details are what make this cottage stand out: Western red cedar shingles stained brown blend with the home's wooded setting. Random-size river rocks, used to construct the front porch and reface the foundation and entry vestibule, reinforce the home-and-nature connection. Arts and Crafts-style muntin windows, wide window casings, and a round-top mahogany door advance the home's Craftsman character.

    But it's a stunning handcrafted iron railing that serves as the cottage's signature piece. Its brown hue complements the home's rich and earthy color palette, elegantly leading guests from the driveway to the front door.

Colorful Cottage Charm

    Bright flowers go a long way in creating cottage charm. Here, colorful plantings by the street mimic the flowers overflowing from the home's window boxes. A vine-covered arbor invites visitors to pass through and follow a gently curving pathway to the front door.

Cottage-Style Front Porch

    An engaging mix of antique wicker pieces beckons guests to relax on the wide front porch of this New England cottage. To unify the pieces, they were painted either deep green or white. Colors, fabrics, and accessories take their cue from nature, creating alluring charm.

Little Cottage that Could

    The owner of this little 1912 home calls it "The Rose Cottage," an apt name for a charming 800-square-foot house with luxuriant vines, shutters, and window boxes.

English Country Cottage

    This modified English country cottage conveys stability with its massive masonry exterior and tall casement windows. Accents suited to the style include the arched porch entry and the steep gables and dormers. New twists include granite siding, a Craftsman-style front door, and the large bay window topped with a copper roof.

Cottage with Curb Appeal

    A few easy steps, such as adding shutters, a screen door, and a fence, can boost a home's curb appeal. Here, the white fence provides a crisp backdrop for exuberant plantings and enhances the quaint cottage style.

Remodeled Cottage

    The front porch of this remodeled 1920s cottage features a charming pitched-roof portico that echoes the roofline of the main gable. Two striking pairs of square columns support the portico's pleasing arch. Extended rafters, deep soffits, decorative roof brackets, wide window casings, and rafter-tail details give the rest of the home new multidimensional beauty. Gray-painted pine shakes, a new slate roof, and copper gutters complete the look.

Cottage Walkway

    A patio and pathway combination made of fieldstone leads to the front door of this cottage. Fieldstones set into the ground form a quaint walkway that immediately appears timeworn. For this reason, a fieldstone path suits cottage-style homes and gardens well.

Cottage Architecture

    Built in 1936 to echo simple Scottish cottages, this house changed its nondescript facade with the addition of dramatic details. Dominant Craftsman-era touches--the extended roofline, arching eyebrow, and massive support brackets--reflect the home's latest and most successful renovation. A new porch with random-course stone walls and wide stairs up to the front door makes the entry more inviting and accessible.

Cotswold Cottage and Garden

    Straight out of a fairy tale, this 1920s brick-and-stone dwelling with mullioned windows and a wiggly Dr. Seuss-style roof is reminiscent of Cotswold cottages of the English countryside. Great garden rooms reinforce the home's character. A custom iron-and-timber gate and Cotswold-style brick wall frame the front yard.

Cottage Arbors

    The open-air curved deck hugs this cottage and houses two arbors. A sweeping arbor dresses up the front entry. Because the house sits off-center on its tiny lot, a second gazebo-style arbor within the deck balances the house on the land. A garden trellis rounds out the pair for a cheery cottage welcome.

Cottage-Style Entrance

    This cottage home greets visitors with a subtle, unfussy, plucked-from-Nantucket-style entrance. A threshold and stoop bumped out from the main house draw the eye to the focal-point yellow door. White-painted molding and pilasters further highlight the entrance, while muntins in the sidelights and transom echo the style of the nearby divided-light windows. Side railings and a roof frame the stoop, offering a cozy space to welcome visitors.

Fisherman's Cottage to Cottage Home

    This home was dramatically upgraded from a fisherman's cottage to a cheery weekend retreat with some relatively easy fixes. To brighten the vestibule, a new 15-light door replaced an ordinary white storm door. Metal storm windows were also replaced with taller eight-light casement windows. White shutters with cutout lighthouse motifs (fitting for the shoreline location) and window boxes were installed on the front windows. A dreary brown roof was replaced with dark gray shingles that better complement the house's original blue shingle siding.

Cottage Entry Design

    The entry serves as the focal point of this 1933 renovated cottage. Triple Tuscan-style columns and built-in benches support the portico. Wide orchard-stone steps and a charcoal-dyed driveway add an upscale touch.

A Cottage at Its Peak

    This cottage-style home's peaked portico, supported by hefty white columns, mimics the sharp points of the gables and delivers an entrance with star presence. A new bay window to the right of the front door creates a visual balance with the existing windows on the other side. Window boxes brimming with blossoms are an easy, eye-catching way to boost a home's cottage feel.

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