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How To: Update Door Hardware with Paint

If you're looking to increase your home's curb appeal or update your interior hardware, try repainting it instead of replacing it. Follow these simple, budget-friendly steps to paint your door's hardware.

Don't spend money on new hardware for your door just yet. Rethink your existing knobs, locks, and hinges and use metal spray paint for a quick update that is friendly on your wallet and your time.

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How to Paint Door Hardware

What you'll need:
Camera and marking pen
Steel wool
Painter's tape
Floral foam (to hold hardware for painting)
Metal paint primer
Metal spray paint (Rust-Oleum Rubbed Bronze is pictured)

1. Remove doorknob and lock mechanism from the door (photo 1). Tip: Take photos as you go and label the images -- "inside dead bolt" and "outdoor knob" -- to aid in reassembly. Clean the hardware with steel wool (photo 2), then sand (photo 3).


2. Clean the hardware with steel wool (right), then sand.


3. Insert a small piece of folded painter's tape into the keyhole (right) so paint doesn't get in the lock mechanism. Insert the door hardware into the foam so you can easily paint all sides.


3. Spray hardware with metallic primer according to manufacturer¿s directions. After the primer has thoroughly dried, spray hardware with metallic paint (right). Let dry.

4. Reinstall hardware on door.


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