Upgrade a Basic Bookcase

Put a personal spin on an off-the-shelf bookcase with these easy DIY makeover ideas.

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Stairway Railing Ideas

Stairway railings serve more than a functional purpose -- they give stairs a visual presence and make a staircase a work of art. Find ideas for the perfect railing for your stairway.

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Beach Chic Porch Renovation

A family put a new roof over their heads by turning their back deck into a coastal-inspired covered porch. Learn how they made the big change from their existing porch to their new, cozy family hangout area.

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Give a Plain Mirror a Makeover

Take a plain mirror to the next level with these easy DIY embellishments.

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DIY Outdoor and Garden Projects

Sprucing up your outdoor space doesn't need to be a massive undertaking. Use these inspirational small projects -- including painting rocks to hanging new house numbers -- to instantly improve the look of a garden, patio, deck, or backyard.

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Add Storage Around Stairs

Step up your home's storage capacity by making the most of underused areas below and beside your stairs. Here's a look at 18 homes that beautifully optimized stairwell and staircase spaces.

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Stylishly Modern Front Doors

Contemporary and chic, these modern front doors offer a range of colors, styles, and patterns to fit within a thoroughly updated design aesthetic.


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    • Maxed-out Minimalism

      Gradient tones in the wood siding of this contemporary home offer more than enough color variation for the design. To minimize any visual fussiness, the homeowners opted for a clean-lined and restrained door made of a neutral trim and opaque glass. The door handle recedes, too, to keep the focus on the home's horizontal silhouette.

    • Bold in Blue

      Contemporary doesn’t equal absence of pattern. In fact, many modern designs use pattern, not color, for visual interest. A perfect example is this bright turquoise front door. Inlaid with a subtle collection of rectangles, it supplies a chic silhouette and exuberant color that’s picked up in accents on the entry mat, container, pillow, and house number.

    • Punch of Pattern

      Sometimes a large front door painted a bright color can feel static and visually unappealing. In that case, it's helpful to add relief for the eye as well as for the design. Here, the homeowners opted for a plain door broken up by a trio of angled windows, as well as matching sidelights with a series of narrow and small panes. Complements to the contemporary style of the door include the unusual sconce and fire-engine red mailbox.

    • Form, Then Function

      With fewer details, wayfinding to the front door is often easier for contemporary-style homes. That’s the case here, with a restrained facade that focuses on repetition of rectangles to punch up the otherwise static surface. The ground floor repeats the window forms on the second floor, swapping out one for the door and filling it with a wood option that’s distinctively grained.

    • Fading Into the Background

      Texture turned on its side offers horizontal interest to this minimalist home and front door. In place of a standout color or different material, the homeowners opted for a style that blends seamlessly into the front facade. A single mirrored sidelight offers restrained wayfinding.

    • Palette Play

      Pops of color are a great way to dress up a contemporary entrance on a minimally styled exterior. Here, the homeowners made use of cheerful shades of yellow and turquoise, repeated in pillows, containers, and on the front door. The door itself is an unusual but welcome choice: A Dutch version that opens separately on top and on bottom. A sconce -- traditional in its design, contemporary in its oversize scale -- continues the modern-influenced aesthetic.

    • Traditional Meets Modern

      Color, style, and pattern go a long way in adding a contemporary fix to this otherwise traditional brick home. The yellow-green hue on the door -- a more modern shade of a traditional color -- as well as the stylized house numbers add pop and punch, as does the repetitive circle pattern on the window.

    • Open Wide

      Geometry and symmetry get a workout in this expansive front door setup. A set of matching double doors -- in an almost-black hue -- pick up on the dominant shade of the home to create a entrance-worthy focal point. Matching sidelights supply balance, as do symmetrical accents such as the sconces and tall, stripped-down containers.

    • Pops of Color

      A door is oftentimes used as a color accent, with surrounding trim fading into the background. The homeowners of this contemporary-style house flipped that notion on its head, with chartreuse serving as the focal point on trim around the white door as well as the roofline and support beam. A pretty sconce and mailbox in unexpected silhouettes finish the stylized entrance.

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      Hello, Color

      When a home’s style could fit into one of many genres -- traditional, transitional, contemporary -- details such as a front door can help to push it into one design aesthetic or another. That’s the case with this bold, beautiful green door: It is statement-worthy as well as a pretty complement to the red-brown brick tones. An unusual vertical garden provides a pretty door accent, as does the whimsical message on the mailbox.

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      A Better Mix

      Contemporary sometimes straddles a design aesthetic that’s as much transitional as it is minimal. That includes this front door. Its pretty color is bold without being overpowering and is tempered by dark trim and matching sconces. To boost the up-to-date style, the homeowners relied on matching containers in a clean-lined pattern.

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      Wayfinding Through Color

      Although rigorous in its execution, there's also a certain freedom in contemporary home design. As long as the elements fit within a pre-determined framework, homeowners are free to combine them in visually distinct ways. This red front door, for example, makes use of a stripped down aesthetic with less fuss and flourish, but combines that with an asymmetrical arrangement -- three side-light windows in a creamy complementary tone.

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