Interior and Exterior Door Remodeling Ideas

Things you should know before you choose interior and exterior doors.
Choosing the Right Type

Interior and exterior doors—important details in setting the style of your home—are available in a wide range of types, materials, and styles. Understanding how each type works and where it will work the best will help you choose the ideal doors for your new addition.

Here are some of the types of doors you'll find, along with some terminology that will help you to shop more confidently:

Door Types
Single-acting doors—the most common doors—are hinged on one side and open in one direction. These are the standard doors you find on the interior of your house.

Double-acting doors open in either direction. Double-acting doors work well between a kitchen and a dining room.

Bifold doors have two panels that fold to one side. They are often used on closets or pantries. Two sets can be installed in a wide opening.

Bypass doors have panels that slide past each other. They are often used on closets where there is not enough space for a swinging door. Only one side of the closet can be open at a time.

Exterior sliding doors usually have one fixed panel and one panel that slides.

Pocket doors slide into the wall. A pocket door is perfect for a space where there isn't room for a door to swing open. Pocket doors are easily installed during construction, but adding one later can be a major project.

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