Wrapping Decks Around a House


Decks that wrap around a house offer many benefits, without adding many costs or construction headaches. Turning a corner or two is one of the simplest ways to define separate spaces on a deck. A wraparound deck may allow you to get into or out of the sun or breeze. Or it could create a private nook, separated from the main body of the deck, where you can read or relax in private. It also can offer access to the deck from more than one doorway.

A modest wraparound could include a full-sized deck on one side of the house with a small bump-out on an adjacent side, perhaps to be used for storage. More ambitious decks might surround two or three sides of the house, perhaps on two or more levels. A narrow deck area can function as a walkway. On sloping lots, wraparound decks make moving around the house's perimeter much easier.

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