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It's time to dust off your inspiration cap and take a look at some of the most fabulous, functional decks you've ever seen. Start with our collection of 20 dreamy, real-life decks. Then move on to full tours of four distinct deck types: wraparound, a better builder's deck, a small-space sanctuary, and a rooftop retreat. Each will give you ideas for your own brand-new deck or get you thinking about how to revamp your existing deck space. You might not think there's potential for change in your existing yard or deck area, but our before-and-after deck makeovers will convince you otherwise. If you're not sure what makes one deck style different from the next, look to our rundown of the differences among five popular deck designs. With our explanations, you'll be able to find the one that best suits your day-to-day life. To jazz up your deck (and boost its practical side, too), try options such as built-in seating, curves, and more. If you're building a new deck but unsure how much it might cost, we have practical advice on budgeting and calculating joist spans. Plus, get a checklist of what you need to know before you buy a single piece of lumber.


Maximize a Small Deck
One Deck, Three Ways

Watch this deck transform for grilling, gardening, and entertaining, and find ideas for your own space!

Tips for Small Decks

Make your small deck live large with these smart tips to maximize space, find right-size amenities, and relax in style.

12 Ways to Outfit a Small Deck

Elevate your small deck's style and storage capacity with these creative decorating ideas.

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