Deck Plans

This comprehensive deck building checklist, with planning-stage questions and deck materials list, will get your project on the right footing.
A Deck Building Checklist

Spare yourself some hassle and headache, as well as last-minute deck building budget busters, by going over this project checklist of essentials. Though it won't cover everything needed for special upgrades, such as a fireplace or full outdoor kitchen, checking your plans against these points should keep your deck building project on the right track.


  • Does the deck comply with area building codes?
  • Is there plenty of space for planned outdoor activities?
  • Is there enough space for amenities and furnishings, such as patio tables and chairs, and for the people who will use them?
  • Will traffic flow easily between the house and the deck?
  • Is it easy to access the yard from the deck?
  • Are individual spaces for specific uses designated on a large deck?
  • Will the deck work well visually with the house?
  • Will at least a portion of the deck be shaded, if desired, during peak use times?
  • If privacy is a concern, are privacy screens planned?
  • Does the deck include storage elements, such as built-ins or access doors?
  • Do you have detailed plans of the final deck design?
  • If you plan to work with contractors, builders, and other professionals, have you reviewed and signed contracts specifying all work, materials, and responsibilities?
  • For more information go to Build a Deck.


  • Does your project list include all project components that follow?
  • Have you budgeted for all the project components?

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