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Bathroom Remodeling Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Some remodeling projects can be expensive. You can save money by doing some of the work yourself. But it's best to limit yourself to projects you can handle.


Demolition work can be a fun family project. Remember to observe proper safety measures. These include wearing dust masks, eye protection, gloves, and other protective clothing. Be especially careful with bathroom demolition. Broken pieces of mirror, ceramic tile, porcelain, and countertop materials can be extremely sharp.


You don't want to pay a plumber a high hourly rate to push a broom or clean a bathtub. By cleaning up at the end of the day yourself, you will keep labor costs down. This, too, can be a good family project. If you're going to do cleanup yourself, though, check in with tradespeople so they can tell you if something needs to be left alone.


Painting or finishing woodwork is a good job for homeowners who are willing to invest the time to do it right.


Installing surfaces such as floor coverings and backsplashes can be done after subcontractors leave. Be sure you're up to the job. If you botch the installation of a large piece of vinyl floor, you'll be out more money than you would have saved by doing it yourself. Tile may be more labor-intensive, but each piece costs less if you make a mistake.

Plumbing and Electrical

Some rough-in work is difficult to coordinate with other trades. You may want to limit yourself to doing the finish work, such as installing sinks, toilets, light fixtures, outlets, and switches. Before doing any plumbing or electrical work yourself, check to see if local building codes require that such work be done by licensed professionals.


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