Measuring Materials

Before you go to the home improvement store to purchase building materials, use our calculators to determine how much you need. Whether you're painting, installing new flooring or drywall, buying lumber or tile, knowing exactly how much you need safeguards against buying too much and wasting money, and buying too little and having to return to the store to get more. Precision counts when measuring for the materials you'll be using in your projects. When your measurements are accurate, your home improvement or remodeling project will go more smoothly and the results will be fantastic. Different materials -- from paint to concrete, baseboards, wallpaper, pavers, and more -- require different types of measurements. Use our material calculators to get an accurate estimate, and follow our tips for measuring. Build upon the basic principle of "measure twice, cut once" and learn how to make precise measurements for all your projects. Plus, calculate the square footage of different rooms and spaces to get an idea of how big it is, which will help you when shopping for furniture, window treatments, area rugs, and more.

Make the most of your closet with this helpful estimator.

How much wallpaper will you need?

This calculator will help you determine how many pavers you'll need to buy for...

Calculate the amount of vinyl flooring (also known as resilient flooring)...

Use this calculator to estimate the numbers of edgers to use for your yard.

Use this calculator to estimate the amount of drywall you'll need for your nex...

What size window air conditioner unit do you need? This estimator will help yo...

Takes the guesswork out of buying paint.

Here's an easy way to calculate exactly how many square yards of carpeting you...

Use this calculator to estimate the lumber costs for your next project.

This estimator will help you assess posthole depths for pouring concrete.

This handy calculator with tell you just how much concrete you need.

Use this calculator to estimate the amount of tile you'll need for a particula...

Use this calculator to estimate the materials needed for a picket fence.

Whether you're tiling a floor, seeding a lawn, or estimating wallpaper, it's...


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