Hurricane-Proof Your Home

Do you live in a hurricane zone? These ideas will help you strengthen your home against dangerous, destructive weather.
General Tips

Beef up your home to better withstand hurricane winds with these modifications.

Strengthen your doors to
protect your home.

  • Strengthen double doors. If you have double doors in which one door is active and the other is fixed, it's a good idea to reinforce the fixed door at the top and bottom. Some door manufacturers provide reinforcing kits.
  • Pay attention to garage doors. In high winds, double garage doors can pull out of their tracks or collapse from wind pressure. If garage doors fail, high winds can enter your home and blow out doors, windows, walls, and even the roof. Make sure your garage doors are reinforced at their weakest points; in most cases, this involves installing horizontal bracing on each panel. If you're building a new garage or installing a new door, use heavier-than-standard hinges and stronger center supports than standard.
  • Don't forget the storm shutters. Installing storm shutters over all glass surfaces is one of the most effective ways to protect your home. You can have them built, or do it yourself.

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