Remodeling 101 Ideas

Tips on how to start a remodeling project.
Remodeling 101 Ideas

No two remodeling projects are alike, but here's a broad look at what to expect during each phase. Two words will see you throughout: patience and planning.

Getting Started
A remodeling job requires at least one and possibly two professionals to draw a plan and execute it.

Obtain at least three written bids for your particular job, using identical plans and specifications.

Do not automatically accept the lowest bid. Discuss each bid in detail with the person who submitted it, and make sure you understand the reason for any variations in price.

Beware of any bid substantially lower than the others. It probably indicates that the contractor has made a mistake or is not including all the work covered by the competitors' quotes.

The contractor may be planning to recoup the costs by charging you with change orders (a written order specifying any change from the agreed-upon plan that is not included in your contracted price) after the project has started.

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