With Heart in Hand

Embellish these easy-to-make hearts with silk or dried flowers to create decorative keepsakes for hanging on a pegged shelf, a dresser knob, or the corner of a mirror.

What You Need:

These hearts will sweeten almost

  • Paper-casting cotton paper and paper additive (available at crafts stores)
  • Blender
  • Heart-shape Brown Bag Cookie Art Ceramic Mold
  • Scrap of ribbon or lace
  • Thick white crafts glue
  • Assorted dried and silk flowers or silk ribbon roses
  • Charms or a scrap of pearl beading


1. Following the manufacturer's instructions, blend the cotton paper, paper additive, and water in a blender on high speed for about one minute or until the pulp looks like cake batter.

2. Coat the cookie mold with vegetable oil, and rinse it in cool water. Pour about one cup of the pulp into a sieve to drain the excess water, then pour the pulp into the cookie mold. (The pulp should be wet but not soupy.) Spread the pulp over the mold, being careful to cover the edges.

3. Gently press the pulp with a sponge to remove excess water and to fill all parts of the mold. Let the pulp air-dry, or place the mold in a 150 degree F oven for three hours. You can also try drying the molded paper in the microwave, but you may have to experiment to determine the right amount of time for your oven (start with 3 or 4 minutes). After the paper pulp has dried thoroughly, remove the molded shape by slipping a sharp knife under its edges and gently peeling the shape out of the mold.

4. Tie a knot in the center of a piece of ribbon or lace, and cut the ends in inverted V shapes. Use thick white crafts glue to attach the ribbon or lace to the heart as shown in the photo. Glue clusters of silk or dried flowers over the ribbon or lace, and decorate the heart with charms or pearl beading.