Victorian Towel

The towel's motifs are cross-stitched on cotton fabric.
Redwork Towels

Towels are 11 x 16-1/2 inches, including fringe.

What You Need:

Decorate for the season with this
guest towel.

  • J and P Coats embroidery floss: one skein of red (3021)
  • One 14 x 18-1/2-inch piece of Zweigart's 28-count white Jubilee, for each towel
  • Tapestry needle; scissors
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Sewing thread or masking tape


1. Download the free stitch chart and key. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)


2. Overcast or tape the raw edges of the fabric to prevent the threads from raveling. Fold fabric in half lengthwise; finger-crease. Measure up 3 inches from one short edge along crease; mark with a pin.

3. Find the center stitch on the bottom row of either downloaded chart and begin stitching here at marked point on fabric, repeating motif as desired.

4. Separate the six-strand embroidery floss and use two strands to work cross-stitches over two threads of fabric.

5. When all cross-stitching is complete, work backstitches for Roses and Hearts border as charted, using two plies of floss.

6. Turn completed stitchery facedown on a heavy towel and press using a warm iron and damp cloth.

7. Measure 2-1/8 inches below bottom edge of design and withdraw a thread. On the side closest to the stitched design, sew a narrow, close zigzag stitch along the channel created by the withdrawn thread. To fringe towel, unravel the remaining crosswise threads below zigzag stitching. Trim fringe to desired length. To finish remaining short end, measure 15-1/8 inches from zigzag stitching. Withdraw thread and finish as for previous edge. To finish long edges, trim fabric to a width of 12 inches, keeping the design centered. Press under 1/4 inch twice on both long edges. Machine-stitch close to inside fold.