Young at Heart

Ideas you'll love for planning a Valentine-themed party for kids or anyone who's young at heart.
Heart-to-Heart Party Crafts Invitations
Chocolate Pistachio Heart Cookies
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Make homemade cookies in the
shape of hearts.

Cut five hearts from construction paper. Glue them together on your invitation to make a caterpillar. Draw the legs and facial features and write all necessary information on the hearts.


Decorate your table with a lollipop centerpiece using a 4-inch Styrofoam ball, cut in half. Glue the flat edge of the ball to a 9-inch red poster board circle. Insert one lollipop for each guest into the ball. Fanfold tissue paper and secure between the lollipops with straight pins.


  • Make red punch or pink lemonade.
  • Serve heart-shaped sandwiches or cookies.
  • Sprinkle red candy hearts over vanilla ice cream.
  • Create a heart-shaped cake or ice-cream cake from a square and round cake pan.

Party Favors

  • Necklaces made from pieces of red candy rolled in a piece of clear plastic wrap, tied with curling ribbon between each piece of candy, and a piece of ribbon connecting the two ends.
  • Waffle cones filled with candy and wrapped in red cellophane, tied with red yarn.
  • Fortune Valentines: Write special Valentine messages on paper hearts. Roll and insert inside Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies.


  • Place a couple of balloons on the front door where the party is to be held.
  • Balloons and streamers always look great at any party. Attach a thread or string to the ceiling or walls so that it hangs above the party table, then drape streamers over it.
  • Always hang balloons in big bunches for a maximum effect. You can give one to each guest at the end of the party.

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