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Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

Sweeten your Valentine's Day with a scrumptious, romantic, or heart-shape dessert recipe. Whether your sweetie likes rich chocolate desserts, berry pies, or creme brulee, you're sure to win hearts with a delicious Valentine's Day dessert.


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    • Red Velvet Cupcakes

      Red velvet could vie for the title Official Flavor of Valentine's Day (if it weren't for that pesky dark chocolate that always seems to take the win). These cupcakes hit all the holiday high notes: Taste, color, and a powdered-sugar dusting in the shape of a heart. Get the look by placing a heart-shape cookie on top before sprinkling.

    • Bourbon Cranberry Cookies

      Something sweet (oat-and-chocolate cookies) with something salty (flaked sea salt) with something indulgent (3-ingredient Bourbon Ganache) makes an adults-only cookie that your valentine will swoon for.

    • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

      The ultimate "I love you" treat is a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. Here's how to make them at home.

    • Chocolate Bread Pudding

      As dessert or a luscious breakfast, this rich chocolaty bread pudding is Valentine's Day baking on-point.

    • Red Velvet Heart Cake

      Bake a heart-shape cake for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Rows of almonds, raspberries, maraschino cherries, and icing stripe this chocolate-frosted red velvet cake for a sweet and romantic treat.

    • Best-Ever Vanilla Pudding

      Love is sure to be in the air when you serve this simple vanilla pudding decorated with heart-shape sprinkles. The silky dessert is easy to whip up and can be served hot or cold.


    • White-Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

      These shortbread cookies get their pink and red color from maraschino cherries and red food coloring. Nonpareils and edible glitter give them an extra touch.

    • Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cakes

      Creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread and rich chocolate swirl together in these gooey chocolate pudding cakes. Coffee or vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberries complete the indulgent Valentine's Day dessert.

    • Strawberry Crepes

      Whether as a sweet Valentine's Day dessert or a special wake-up breakfast on February 14, do-it-yourself crepes are a delicious way to celebrate the day.

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      Dark Chocolate Cake with Fresh Strawberry Buttercream

      Brownie-textured cake layers are topped with smooth, rich buttercream frosting. The result? A decadent cake enjoyed by chocolate and fruit lovers alike.

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      Jelly Doughnut Cake

      Take a love of doughnuts to the next level. Layers of cream filling and ruby red jam between soft yellow cake mimic your sweetheart's favorite breakfast treat.

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      Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

      This delightful pairing of rich dark chocolate and sweet-tart raspberries makes for the perfect Valentine's Day dessert. Chocolate truffle icing adds a sweet touch.

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      Chocolate Cannoli

      For a fancy finish to your romantic Valentine's Day dinner, serve your loved one a chocolaty twist on classic Italian cannoli. Rolled up with love in a homemade chocolate shell, creamy ricotta cheese flavored with cocoa and orange peel gets a gorgeous garnish from shaved dark chocolate.


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      Sparkling Grapefruit Sorbet Floats

      Prepare a Valentine's Day dessert that shines with the help of bubbly Prosecco. Pour the fizzy drink onto homemade grapefruit sorbet and scoops of vanilla ice cream for a sparkling sweet-tart indulgence.


    • Cute Cherry Dessert: Double Cherry Slab Pie
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      Double-Cherry Slab Pie

      Gooey cherry filling is the key to charming your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. To thicken the fruity filling, we incorporated cornflakes with the cherries. Use heart-shape cookie cutters for a sweet reveal.

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      Triple-Chocolate Cake Balls

      Our Best-Ever Chocolate Cake mixes with cream cheese and graham cracker. Dunk the chocolately cake balls in more chocolate, then top with cocoa powder!

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      Raspberry-Chocolate Frozen Dessert

      Drizzled in chocolate sauce, this custardlike dessert gets a boost of elegance from fresh raspberries, toasted almonds, and dreamy dark chocolate. The easy Valentine's Day recipe is sweetened with honey rather than sugar for a more natural sweetness.


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      Double-Chocolate Brownies

      Fudgy, almond-studded brownies topped with a love note make a swoon-inducing Valentine's Day dessert worthy of true love. Don't skimp on the chocolate frosting -- heavy whipping cream gives it a smooth, velvety finish.

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    • How to Make Chocolate Ganache
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      So-Easy Chocolate Ganache

      Ganache is a delicious way to top off many Valentine's Day desserts, and it's easier than you think.

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      Lavender-Lemon Pudding Cakes

      Softly sweet lavender infuses these mini lemon pudding cups with light ambrosial flavor. Make them in heart-shape ramekins to show extra love.

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      Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

      Every nibble of these honey-topped morsels features crumbly shortbread crust and classic cheesecake filling. The sweetest part? The naturally heart-shape strawberry slices.

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      Raspberry Swirl Brownies

      Fudgy brownies made with dark chocolate get a sweet surprise from a swirl of tart raspberry puree. Heart-shape cutouts give the dessert a charming finish.


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      Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake

      Pound cake gets a pink Valentine's Day makeover thanks to fresh grapefruit. The peel of the tart ingredient is used to flavor the deliciously dense cake, while the juice helps create a tangy syrup that complements the crunchy sugar topper.


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      Love Note Cupcakes

      Scrawling a love note in frosting is a sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Start with a mix for German chocolate cupcakes, and top off the dessert with one (or all!) of our three frosting recipes.

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      Baked Raspberry Custards

      Show your love with a dreamy cup of vanilla custard. Sprinkle in raspberries or strawberry slices before baking these sweet, fruity bites.

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      No-Bake Truffle Treats

      Dote on your valentine with candies that look oh so charming but are finished in about a half-hour. With four flavors, one (or more) is sure to make your holiday sweeter.

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      Vanilla Dessert Sandwiches

      Get to the heart of your valentine with a decadent cutout cookie. Light and delicate, this sandwich cookie is crisp, but the filling is soft and sweet.

      Editor's Tip: Use tiny heart-shape cookie cutters to make the cutouts. A few drops of red food coloring will tint the filling pink. Or substitute chocolate frosting for the filling.

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      White Chocolate Cheesecake with Triple-Raspberry Sauce

      Your valentine will be smitten with this delightfully rich white chocolate cheesecake recipe. Raspberry sauce covers the dessert with a dramatic red flair.

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      Double-Chocolate Mascarpone Raspberry Pie

      Fresh raspberries, bittersweet chocolate, luscious mascarpone, and rich whipped cream pile into a flaky crust for this over-the-top Valentine's Day dessert. Top off each slice with a dollop of homemade white chocolate whipped cream.

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      Lemon Macarons with Cranberry-Mascarpone Filling

      Creamy mascarpone cheese fills these tender cookies with just the right Valentine's Day flourish. Tart cranberries and citrusy lemon peel add a subtle tangy kick.

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      Red Velvet Cheesecake

      Red is the color of Valentine's Day, but the taste of this luscious dessert recipe is all chocolate. This elegant cheesecake marries red velvet flavor with a creamy twist.

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      Raspberry Eclairs

      Exquisite is the only word for these raspberry-filled delights. As elegant as this special Valentine's Day dessert looks, the pastries are surprisingly easy to prepare, bake, and fill.

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      Chocolate-Cherry Stack Cake

      Creamy layers of cherry-flavor frosting between each tier of rich chocolate cake will make your Valentine's Day unforgettable. Chocolate-covered cherries are a gorgeous topper.

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      Raspberry Velvet Melange

      This airy chocolate-raspberry dessert offers a light bite at the end of your Valentine's Day dinner -- and it takes just a few minutes to prepare.

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      Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cakes

      The romance of chocolate-covered strawberries takes a delightfully elegant turn in this Valentine's Day dessert recipe. Upside-down cupcakes are smothered in rich ganache and topped with fresh strawberries.

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      Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Brownie Cookies

      This Valentine's Day, look to a classic flavor combination to please your sweetie. You can't go wrong when you fill crispy peanut butter cookies with sweet jam and chocolate.

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