Valentine's Day Desserts with Red Hots

Bring the season's staple sweet -- cinnamon candies -- into your Valentine's Day desserts. Paired with cookies, tossed in a trail mix, or melted down to make a cinnamon-flavor drink, you'll love our creative Valentine's Day recipes.


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    • Favorite Gingerbread Cookies

      Gingerbread isn't just for Christmas -- make these heart-shape gingerbread cookies for your loved one on February 14. Topped with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon candies, these cookies finish the day on a sweet note.

    • Red Hot Sugar Cookies

      Cut cookies into heart shapes, add cinnamon candies, and voila! -- Valentine's Day is done.

    • Cinnamon Sugar Sticks

      Shortbreadlike sticks make great companions for cinnamon candies. Bake and cut the sticks, then dip in white chocolate and sprinkle with crushed cinnamon candies.

    • Red Hot Chocolate Slices

      What's not to love in these three sugar cookie layers? One layer is chocolate, one has crushed cinnamon candies, and one is tinted red for love. Sweet!

    • Bittersweet Chocolate Bark with Cinnamon Candies

      Chocolate and cinnamon always go great together on Valentine's Day. Melt some bittersweet chocolate and mix in a sprinkling of cinnamon candies to make bark candy that's a sweet surprise for the holiday.

    • Flamin' Cinnamon Cider

      Melt down a handful of cinnamon candies for a sweet sipper you can serve to your sweetie or a crowd.

    • Valentine Cookies

      Cut a revealing message in your Valentine's Day cookies -- our "Be Mine" sentiment stands out thanks to cinnamon candies that melts as it bakes.

    • Chocolate Squares

      Top chocolate treats with cinnamon candies for a sweet Valentine's Day look. This recipe takes just 15 minutes of prep.

    • "Beary" Good Snack Mix

      Make a trail mix that brings together cute bear cookies, raisins, dried fruits, and, of course, the season's cinnamon candies. This is a great mix if you're hosting a party or your kids need a Valentine's treat for school.

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