Awesome Emoji Pumpkin Stencils

We ::heart:: these ::thumbs up:: emoji stencil designs that can be carved right onto your Halloween pumpkins. ::Kissing face::

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Haunted Owl Pretzels

A soft pretzel plus some creative toppings equals an adorable owl-shape treat that will be the hit of any fall get-together. Here's how to make them.

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How to Make a Spooky Bat Wreath for Halloween

Watch our nifty orgami-folding technique to turn cardstock sheets into flying bats (free template included). Attach a colony of bats to a wreath and your Halloween door is all set for trick-or-treaters.

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Wickedly Fun Halloween Cupcakes

Whip up a cupcake creation that is sure to dazzle your Halloween party guests by decorating store-bought or homemade cupcakes. Our Halloween cupcake monsters, black cats, witches, and ghosts are all magic to make and decorate!

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Which Halloween Movie Should You Star In?

Do you belong on a broom with the Sanderson sisters, or is catching the Great Pumpkin top of your list? Take our quiz and find out which spooky Halloween flick you should star in.

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Yummy Pumpkin Bread Truffles -- Make a Whole Patch!

Crumbled pumpkin bread becomes a quick truffle; just decorate with orange, brown, and green frosting. We show you how to make a whole pumpkin patch of these adorable fall desserts.

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Valentine's Day Drinks

Make this Valentine's Day extra special with a romantic drink of your choice. Start your day off with bubbly mimosas, sip on a Valentine's Day-inspired cocktail with your friends after work, or finish off a romantic dinner with champagne for two -- we have a drink that's perfect for every sweet moment of your Valentine's Day.


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    • Sweetheart Chocolate Martini

      Candy conversation hearts are the quintessential Valentine's Day treat! Place one cute-as-can-be candy on the rim of this ultrarich chocolate drink and serve to your sweetie.

    • Ruby Cocktail

      The colorful sugared rim on this cocktail will send a sweet message to the lucky person you set it in front of. Tangerine-flavor vodka topped with pink Prosecco creates this perfect Valentine's Day hue.

    • Wine to Warm You

      Warm your loved ones by serving them homemade red wine infused with an array of citrus and spice. Mix together this blend of triple sec, brandy, and French red wine in a slow cooker for a fix-and-forget drink.

    • Impress Your Valentine with a Berrytini

      Learn how to muddle blackberries and mint to release their flavors, then mix them with vodka and elderflower liqueur. Pour drinks for two or just one drink to share.

    • Chocolate Stout Shake

      A creamy mix of vanilla bean ice cream, fudge, and dark stout beer makes a perfect adults-only shake to share. A chocolate-covered pretzel rod adds a subtle salty contrast.

    • Winter Fruit Sangria

      Merlot mixed with brandy and honey gives way to a delicate glass of sangria. Figs, cranberries, and apricots enhance the fruity tones found in the wine.

    • Hot Scarlet Wine Punch

      Warmed in a slow cooker with a mixture of intriguing spices, this white Zinfandel drink splashed with cranberry juice is well balanced between sweet and dry flavors. Serve with cranberries on cinnamon sticks for a special touch.

    • Tennessee Cherry Cocktail

      Fall in love with cherry-infused whiskey. Dark sweet cherries, a hint of chocolate, and a dash of vanilla extract ensure this deep red drink will warm you inside and out this February 14.

    • Tiramisu Tippers

      Combine your dessert and after-dinner coffee into one! This chilled tiramisu-inspired concoction is made with coffee liqueur and creme de cacao to give you the perfect ending to your Valentine's Day meal.

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      Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

      The bobbing pomegranate seeds in this fluted drink create quite the stir. The carbonation from the champagne keeps the seeds afloat as you and your sweetie sip.

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      Sunset Sangria

      Watch the sun go down on Valentine's Day with a sangria in hand. A full-bodied red wine and lime infusion topped with sweet nectarines will make a lovely end to your holiday.

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      Mock Sangria

      This citrusy mix is a great nonalcoholic alternative. Fill your glass with an assortment of fresh fruit and top it off with an orange, cranberry, grape, and lemon-lime juice combination.

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      Start your day with brunch for two complemented by yummy mimosas. The classic OJ-and-champagne cocktail will get you in the mindset for a romantic day ahead!

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      Toasted S'mores Cocktail

      Give your significant other s'more to love with this adult version of an old favorite. Take one sip and let the nostalgia lead the conversation.

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      Raspberry-Champagne Fizz

      A dash of raspberry syrup gives this champagne cocktail its pretty ombre effect. Top it off with a bounty of fresh fruit to enjoy when you reach the last sip.

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      Fancy Dinner Recipes

      It's time to treat yourself! Whether it's an extra splash of cream, a homemade glaze, or a sprinkle of fresh herbs, special ingredients make these fancy feasts simply a cut above the rest. Including lobster tails, steak, and salmon, our collection of fancy dinner recipes has the perfect options for any dinner party.
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