Edible Valentine Gifts

Show your love and appreciation with these delectable desserts.

Fruit-Filled Pastry Hearts

Sweetheart Truffles Unadorned, these truffles are rich and creamy; nuts or a coating makes them even more special.


Fruit-Filled Pastry Hearts Starting with frozen puff pastry makes these fruit-filled tarts easy to prepare.


Crispy Chocolate Hearts You'll warm anyone's heart in a jiffy with crunchy, no-bake cookies.


Champagne Truffles These creamy morsels will melt in your mouth.


Perfect-Ending Brownies Chocolaty, chewy brownies are the perfect end to any meal.


Valentine Cookies Write any message from the heart on these treats.


Marshmallow-Popcorn Hearts Two kid favorites -- marshmallows and popcorn -- make the perfect couple.